Diabetic socks

Does anybody know any diabetic socks that are comfortable,not too thin,last long time and don’t slide down in your shoes?Most brands i buy i have to throw them away because they are cheap junk.

I like Jobst. This is the only brand of diabetic socks that I have tried since I have seen no reason to try others. They are also available in many pharmacies. You can wear thin liners under them, but that would probably change the way they give some compression. Good luck!

I have bought my father Dr. scholl’s diabetic socks. I don’t think they last too terribly long, but he seems to really like them. They wick away the moisture and I think they provide a comfortable compression. I got them at Walmart so I am not sure how great they are. I think they are a little on the thick side, but he won’t wear anything else> maybe you have already tried them!

Do you need compression or just padding? Cabelas.com has some good compression socks that I wore on our bus tour of Turkey. They also have good wool socks that give good padding.

I have some of those now,they are better than most i’ve tried,when i find the best i’ll get many pairs at once.I use spenco insoles for my shoes for compression because i walk on concrete.
Thanks everybody for replying

I have about a billion pairs of the Dr. Scholls diabetic/circulation socks. They’re hard to find, so when I do find them I buy eight or ten pairs (always black).

They don’t bind at the ankle and they wick moisture well enough for me and they’re that magical balance of warm in winter but not too hot in summer.

I’ve never tried another brand so I won’t say they’re “the best” but they work great for me.

When they get old I save them as “bed socks” and slide on two or three on each foot when it’s super cold at night.

Hey Bill,

My favorite pair of diabetic socks are from EcoSox. I like wearing over the calf socks. Anyway, these socks are non-binding and i believe seamless so nothing to rub against, however they are a bit on the thin side. Here is a link to where I get them.

I also like Aetrex Copper Sole athletic socks for when I play basketball, but they are a bit more on the expensive side. But they are probably one of the most comfortable pairs of socks I have worn. Here is another link

PM me if you have any questions and I will do my best to try to answer them.

I like Balega running socks a lot, light and cushiony at the same time. I've got a few pairs I've probably run 500 or so miles in that are starting to show a little bit of wear but they are still comfortable. http://www.balega.com/

There's another brand I tried at the end of last year called Fit socks that are seamless so they'd be good. They are *extremely* comfy and appear to be very durable. I only have one pair of them. They didn't work as well in the shoes I ran in last summer but I have a new flavor of shoes that they are awesome with! http://fitssock.com/