Diabetic Underwear. Is there such a thing?

I know diabetics have special compression socks they can use but is there such a thing as diabetic underwear? Non elastic underwear to keep the blood flowing. Just curious. Any knowledge and insight will help.


I do not know, but it is a very good idea. I was freezing during this last winter and could not afford thermal underwear so someone in my church bought me some long thermals - but she did not realise that they were mens’ ones! I found that good once I had got over the shock of them! I could just open my trousers, and go in through the hole without having to remove anything!

Perhaps someone should invent underwear with an opening!

I find sloggis good because they are seamless, therefore less chance of chaffing.

I have some compression shorts, they are more of a “sports” thing than a “diabetes” thing?

I haven’t heard about any in TN.

any kind of compression undergarments (usually made for sports) will help with circulation.

Thanks for the help