Socks and shoes


For the last few months when I take off my work boots, which come just above the ankle, my legs are swollen and you can tell where the top of the boot is.

Have been thinking about some tall socks and was wondering what people wear and were to find them.

Also does anybody wear special shoes?


Bob M

I get socks made for people with diabetes. Simple sock, just alot more give. They stay up nice and no marks indicating the tops of them when I take them off after a long day. I got mine at Walmart so they weren’t expensive either!

I wear MediPeds socks I got at walmart. Also try not to tie your boots so tight. Keep the boots as loose as possible but where they still can do the job.

Get diabetic socks. Seriously!

thanks for the info have now found them and am trying them out .
I think the socks are working. I know my legs feel better after work

Cabelas has compression socks that I found very useful on our bus tour of turkey with a lot of walking and standing.

Hi Robert Mitchell: I just bought my hubby several pairs of Gold Toe Gear Combat Boot Socks/Moderate Weather (40-80 degrees) that I think you would like wearing with your work boots. These socks are marked irregular–that is, slightly imperfect, and priced $9–so perfect ones would cost more, but I paid $1.99 a pair last week at Marshalls. Marshalls only had them in Black size Large on the day I shopped. Large fits Men’s shoe size 9-12 and Women’s Shoe size 10-12, and black is fine as hubby will wear them at both work (office) & home, plus hiking. (Diabetic socks only come in white that I’m aware of.) Hubby likes knee socks this time of year. The socks are a 88% acrylic (acrylic fibers move excess moisture away to keep your feet drier), 11% nylon, 1% spandex blend. I especially like that they have a nonraveling elastic top band and elastic arch brace supports to keep them in place and, most important, the socks are heavyweight cushioned on the shin and top of the foot for protection against blisters and for shock absorption. Anyway, the socks are RN #83192. As you may know, Gold Toe brand socks ( are recognized for quality and durability in socks. (My husband is not diabetic.)

Hi Robert,

I buy my socks from the Diabetic Shoes Hub. My favorite pair are the EcoSox over the calf ones. They are lightweight and stretchy! I also wear their compression socks when travelling. I'm not sure if compression socks will help with your swelling but you may want to look into it and ask your doctor.

Here is a link below to the socks I was talking about.

Also, if you have excess swelling, they have socks to fit wider feet, all the way up to 6E and Men's Size 16 shoe.