Diabetic Teen Mistaken for Drunk

This was in the local news in my area today:

STOCKTON, CA - A Stockton mother claims school officials mistook her daughter's diabetic emergency as a symptom of drug and alcohol abuse.

Lincoln High sophomore School Kristian Logan, 16, has diabetes. During lunch, she started to feel sick.

"My stomach was hurting," Kristian explained. "And I was just sitting there with my head down on my phone."

The next thing Kristian knew, she was being escorted to the office with a room full of administrators, teachers and cops.

"I was nervous. My hands started to sweat," Kristian said. "My breathing, everything changed really fast. I was really scared."

She tested her blood sugar. Just as she suspected, her blood sugar was high. So Kristian took her insulin. But then she said the accusations started.

"I knew what it was," Kristian said. "I was telling them what it was, but they were like 'no, you're high. You must have had something. Did you take any pills?'"

School officials called her mother to the school. Alexandria Logan said she knew right off the bat what was wrong.

"Before anyone could say anything, I said 'your sugar is high,'" Logan recalled. "And I said I could smell it."

Logan said the school was well aware of Kristian's diabetes. She said Kristian has been in the Lincoln Unified School District since 2009 and officials have been notified.

Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva said a school resource officer was called to the school's office for a report of a drunk student. According to Silva, the officer did not think she was drunk, but school officials still forced Kristian to blow into a breathalyzer, which came out negative.

"Here they are drilling her about drugs and I'm thinking where is the care for her sickness?" Logan said.