Bad Hypo, Does your teenager's friends know what to do?

Kelsey and some friends came home around midnight to sleep at our house after going to a friends going away party. Which got me to thinking. The friend who is moving back to the US is the one who has been trained on how to test her blood sugar and use the glucagon kit in an emergency. Her other friends are aware of her diabetes and know what to look out for, but they haven’t been specifically trained to use the tools. School starts next week and volleyball has already begun. I guess I need to call another meeting with her friends, how could I have let this slip?

My biggest fear is not while Kelsey is at school or away at matches. My fear is when she is out late with her friends.
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Wow, what a great question. I embarrassingly need to answer “no.” My daughter is 13 and just had her 1 year “anniversary.” I never thought to educate any of her friends. Sydney is very private about her diabetes, so I can’t imagine she’d want them to practice testing her blood, etc. All of the parents of her best friends know (as do her friends), but I never even thought to educate the parents about what to do. Thank you so much for posing this question. We definitely need to come up with a plan,

My kids test and take shots everywhere. I had to fight the schools in both Texas and Washington to not have my kids go and hide while taking the shots or testing. I have always felt it was important for kids be to out in the open so there are no prejudices or fears by others. Now, also I have to say that while my kids are very respectful…they are very much in your face (like Mom). I do realize that not all kids want their stuff in the open. However, I would suggest talking about it…it might just relieve a lot of pressure. I have found that kids are very interested and aren’t judgemental as soon as the mystery is taken away. If that makes sense…At the very least she might have someone she is closest to that she can share the process with.

Hey :smiley:
Im Maddy and have been diabetic for over a year now.
My best friend Olivia was the one who knew what to look for and how to help me. Unfortunetly she moved about three to four months after i was diagnosed. When i do sports or something i make sure the coach or a team mate knows what to do and what to look for. As of right now im on the pump. I now have another best friend haley. She knows how to work it and what to do if im low or high. She’s like my twin (when im not with liv lol)
but yeah. You shouldnt really worry that much. As long as Kelsey is with some one that knows what to look for and what to do. Don’t call a meeting with her friends. From experience i can tell you that i HATED when my mom did this. I mean i know she was trying to help but i found it really annoying. Just tell Kelsey to make sure Someone around her knows what to do :smiley:
Good luck :smiley: