Diabetic Video Game the Magi and the Sleeping Star

Here’s a new game from Gamequalslife called The Magi and the Sleeping Star, it’s about an 3rd person action adventure where a boy with magical ablities has to go save his family and beat the bad guys. BUT he has type 1 diabetes and his skills will be effected by his blood sugar, hey just like real life when i try to beat bad guys. In the game you must make sure your character eats the right amount of food, takes his medicine, and keeps his sugar in right place.

What i like about the game is that the hero has diabetes, which goes to show that having diabetes isn’t everything and it cannot define you when evil is afoot! It will be nice to have a fantasy role model, but will it work? The music and game play look like it could be fun, just like a regular game.

What i don’t like is that the game will try and give us advice about diabetes and will make you figure out all the annoying diabetes stuff just so you can go to the next step. How is a kid suppose to sit through figuring out somebody elses carbs, insulin intake, and then to top it off game producers medical mumbo jumbo; when all he wants to do is play the damn game. Also i have a problem basing one’s life solely on blood sugar levels, yes there important but you don’t want to teach kids to agonize over them to the point of hyperventilation. It’s hard enough being diabetic, why do we have to make a fantasy game even harder? It’s called a fantasy for a reason, because nobody would want to be a superhero with diabetes.

Despite my negativty i do welcome the challenge of a company to make a succesful game about diabetes or a diabetic hero. All superheros have some flaw, why not the hardship of rollar coaster bloodsugars, picking carbs, injecting insulin, and checking ones bloodsugar. Hell go ahead and start the merchandise, i’m sure a i wouldn’t mind a Magi meter or bandaids.

(hopefully it’s more successful then when they made a magic game based on the bible)