Home Remedies for Diabetes:
Take 15 fresh mango leaves and boil them in 1 glass of water. Keep them overnight. Filter and drink the next morning.

As a part of diabetes home remedy treatment, grapefruit is considered most beneficial. Eat three grape fruits three times in a day.
Indian gooseberry (Amla), a rich source of vitamin C serves as the best home remedy for diabetes. Take 1 tbsp of gooseberry juice and mix it with a cup of bitter gourd (Karela) juice. Consume the mixture daily for about 2 months.

Have you tried these remedies?

So is this going to cure me of my 'betes?

Hi Qayoom. Has anybody tried this…err…concoction? Any feedback on results?

Folks beware if you take LIPITOR you cannot eat GRAPEFRUIT it is a NO NO. Watch out for homemade concoctions.

Thank you, Seagator, for bringing up this important issue. There are many other meds that also interact poorly with grapefruit. Check with your doctor & pharmacist.

Many home remedies out there for every disease & ailment. Use caution & common sense.

I did try greapfuruit. it does work. I woul rather go off the drugs than off the greapfruit. I guess I am lucky inslin is the only drug i takke. I will def try other things you mention.
ps figue leafs are also great