Loquat leaf tea really lowers blood sugar!

recently i have had high blood sugar while on my normal low carb diet and it has been going on for about 3 weeks.

i know that allergies are responsible, because i even tried taking regular insulin with no results in my blood sugar… which is was used to happen to me when i had allergies.

well, today i made some loquat leaf tea and drank it and for the first time in weeks my blood sugar is almost normal - well it is 150 - but considering that it has been over 200 for weeks and would go up to 285 for some reason if i tried taking a couple of units of regular insulin!

the insulin didn’t work but this tea sure did!!!

if anyone has loquat trees where they live - simply take about 7 leaves and bring to a boil in a pot of water.

then i just let it sit til it is cool and add liquid stevia and drink it!!!

it tastes very good too - kind of like ‘regular’ tea… LOL

i am amazed that this works so good. i already knew about it because we used to have some people come here that were from mexico and ask if they could pick some of the leaves and when we asked why they told us they were very good for diabetes and to make a tea with them.

you can also order them on-line.

hope this helps someone - it sure helped me!!!

it also feels like it somehow helped with my allergies.

and it tastes good and it is free if you have a tree!!!

Sounds great! I have been hearing the same about blueberry leaves - old Native American remedy.

When I lived in Nor. Cali, we had a few loquat trees in our courtyard of our apartment building, first time I had ever had loquats - no one had been eating them (except the humming birds) so we got all this free fruit. I wasn’t diabetic than though (as far as I know - I could have been) - never heard that about the leaves though. :slight_smile:

Vinegar seems to work for me. I make vinegared cucumbers and they seem to help if eat them with a meal it seems like. But I don’t go as high as you unless I have way too many carbs or a drink or something.:slight_smile:

vinegar works great for me too. so do nopales (prickly pear cactus pads). but i have a loquat tree right outside my front door!
isn’t it funny how what you need is usually right near by?
and my allergies are getting better!!! yay!!!

it is funny, my boyfriend is always complaining that i can’t eat what he eats - mostly hot dogs and pasta and white bread LOL - and just doesn’t get the point of me having this ‘diet’ he thinks i am trying to lose weight!!!

he knows i am diabetic and that i don’t do well with stuff like that - but what he fails to remember is that years ago before i found out i was diabetic - is that i never ate stuff like that then!!!

i just made the granola recipe posted on here - and it is amazing!!!

guess the allergies are over - my blood sugar is back to normal!!! yay!!!

wheres the granola recipe please- I miss a snack like that-
also whats a loquat tree?