Herbs,Vitamins,Supplements that you have tried and proven work

Very interested in finding folks who have proven beyond doubt that an herb, supplement, food or natural item has helped to control your bs levels and life style.
During my short 14 month time as a T1 and determined to lead as normal life as possible I have probably pushed the personal limits more than most would and have found some interesting things that would probably not be agreed upon by by conventional advice, however if something works and it may have been used in cultures thousands of years ago so be it.
If you have a system or natural method or anything that has worked for you in understanding and controlling your diabetes would love to hear .

Hi Robert,
Sometimes I feel very hesitant in answering when someone asks for advice because it seems i just give too much. But if you are really serious, here are a few suggestions.
vitamin C Turmeric Niacin
vitamin D3 ginger Polyphenols (found in all kinds of berries)
Folic acid Quercetin Flavonoids found in specific foods

Flavonoids not only perk up our immune system but they are strong antiinflammitorys. Onions (particularly red onions), apples, green and black teas, some honeys, like eucalyptus, tea tree and manuka, honey, hot peppers, spinach,broccoli, cabbage, caulifloweer, kale, dark chocolate, red wine, all citus fruits, pears, nuts like hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios, and almonds.
Berries like blueberries, cherries, raspberries, red and black, blackberries, strawberries.
Omega-3 rich foods, like nuts, particularly walnuts, seeds, like pumpkin, fish like salmon, tuna, sardines, fish oil, flax seed,
flax oil, and chia .

Now this is not a complete list because i think it is pretty long as it is and we as diabetics will have a hard time with some of the things on here. I left out Alpha Lipoic Acid, but not intentionally. i am sure there are a lot of people who have much more to add. Please understand that these are things on MY list as they were suggested by Dr. David Williams. And i don’t list them as controlling diabetes, but simply as very healthy foods and supplements that make me feel better. Each of us is different and needs different things to take care of ourselves. No matter what i eat or what i do, I still need my insulin and would never tell anyone to stop theirs or try to control anything without their meds. I wish you well Robert and if any of this is helpful I am glad. Just please remember i am definitely not telling you to stop any meds or insulin. My best to you.

Thank you saundra, the knowledge that you impart in your threads is a help to a lot of folks I’m sure and I always enjoy your quality content and guidance in your posts.
Being still relatively new to diabetics and having an inquisitive mind on what goes on inside has started an interesting journey of discovery on all aspects of this condition.

Some of the foodstuffs mentioned I have tried , all good and some have done something or other in my limited research/experimenting so far . Especially 70% cocoa Chocolate and Brown Bros. red wine, all in moderation of course !!
I usually try something for a week or so and then cut it out to monitor any reaction or non-reaction in bs levels etc. Some proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Ginger, garlic and chili (in moderate doses) has seen a resistance to colds which, combined with getting rid of carpet in the house has seen no serious colds for a long time.( 4 years pre and post diabetic.)
Red wine, seems to stabalize levels as does a combination of beans I have once or twice a day.

Also tried Chromium picolanate for stabalizing sugar levels with remarkable success , however my doc was not impressed in using it regularly for some reason, yet I read somewhere that a lot of diabetics have a deficiency in this one. It really is all about learning what works for oneself and like life itself being a diabetic is a continuing learning process.
Best regards,

Hi Robert,

I have not found any supplements that caused me to require less insulin or to have remarkably more stable blood sugars. But I use a few that are expected to be helpful in protecting your body against future complications.

I use:
Alpha Lipoic Acid with biotin (here I recommend the slower acting ALA, such as Jarrows– Right now I am taking 300mg of the non-slow acting and am peeing most of it out.)
Evening Primrose Oil
(The two above are based on the recommendation of Dr. Bernstein)
Benfotiamine (which is a FAT-soluable form of vitamin B1)

and I will start soon on

Liquid D3
(once it comes in the mail).

None of them have made a noticable change in my current diabetes life, but I was impressed by the research that there drugs can help prevent complications.

Thank you Kristin, some alien names there ( to a begginer like me anyway !) so will check them out,

They were all new to me a year ago! I just started researching vitamins that can help prevent complications and decided to take these four daily. Talk to you doctor about it, as (s)he might have recommendations.

I am with you I agree and i practice this way of eating along with the use of supplements also. I also eat 70% dark chocolate everyday,in small quantities of course and have found that it didn’t have a negative impact on bs’s at all.
I am excited to find that someone else practices this type of nutritional lifestyle!:slight_smile:

Lets see…

I am on the cinnamon pills and I use it in food. I don’t use insulin and I find that the days I “forget” my sugar levels are higher.

Vinegar: Much to my chagrin… I no longer use Ranch dressing because of the sugar in it. I use italian or vinegar and oil w some herbs. I’ve noticed a bit of a difference.

Cabbage seems to help too. It doesn’t seem to matter if it is cooked, fresh or in sauerkraut. After I eat it as part of a meal I get significantly lower numbers.

Well what specifically have you done?

Chromium GTF is a good choice. Chromium Picolanate is not.

Hi Mike, currently a lot of self experimenting , some of which has been interesting to say the least , over time I will be documenting in a blog once proven beyond reasonable doubt of any results. As I am a little unconventional in my approach to diabetes ( some former specialized military training imbedded in my physce lends to this way of thinking) it may not be in the lines of conventional diabetic recommendations.
Mainly in the use of herbs/natural items combined with discipline/excercise/meditation/ and the powers of positive attitude has seen insulin requirements on the very low side.
Haven’t heard of Chromium GTF before however will add this to the list of things to try.

I was just diagnosed in September with Adult onset diabetes. I was given a medication which did not help keep it below 300 very much. I now use a combination of Gluco-ease plus with glucotrol 5mg to help me keep my readings below 130-150 maximum. I don’t know if one testimonial means anything but for me it is really working. I will know more when I get my second A1C taken in the next month or so. Thanks and be well.

I use 2 tbsp pyllium husk in a cup of warm water immediately following a high carb dinner. Find it reduces blood sugar by 1 or 2 mmol

Vitamin D3 helps prevent a deficiency otherwise there is nothing that works for sure.