Pls avoid to use medicine to control diabetics (Refer ACP Guideline 6th March 2018. Break you diet in 5 to 6 doses instead of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Walk, exercise and keep busy yourself in any remunerative or non-remunerative activities.

If you want good health than be happy and if you want excellent health than provide happiness to others.


Reduce Carbohydrate intake and skip last meal of the day if you can as that will reduce calorie intake as well as not going to bed on a full stomach that will make you gain weight.

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We’re doing this for me. I am only going to eat so many carbs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also allowed to have a morning snack and afternoon snack of a small carb amount. (think a fruit, yogurt, whatever)

Want to start the day with lower blood glucose, think eggs, chia seed pudding, 20 min lemon cheesecake (see link below) etc.

No Bake 20 min lemon cheesecake

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Thanks for that link too.