Wound healing in diabetics

I have always heard that diabetics "heal slower". Is this true of all diabetics or is it dependent upon your blood sugar control? My A1C is around 6.4 blood sugar usually between 60-140 and I have just had major surgery. 9 days out and I'm still in pain and having trouble when it should have been about a 4 day recovery. Anyone have experience with wound healing after surgery?
Thanks in advance!

I think that wound healing in diabetics is a function of blood glucose control following the surgery as well as the quality of your vascular system as a result of good BG control over the years. I haven't had "major surgery" over the last few years but I did undergo umbilical hernia repair and more recently some foot surgery on ingrown toenails. In both cases my healing proceeded along a typical timeline according to both doctors.

I think with your A1c and 60-140 control, you should heal well and and in a timely fashion. One thing that I'm always on the lookout for post-surgery is any hint of infection. Close monitoring of BGs should help give you an indication of infection, if present.

I don't think that you are a "typical diabetic slow-healer." Good luck and heal quickly!

Thanks so much for your feedback Terry!!!

I've been told a few times that I'm a fast healer. I did cut my knee badly a few months ago and it seemed to take a long time to heal (a few weeks), but it was a deep cut, and I so rarely cut myself that I don't know how long it's supposed to take.

I think it would be dependent on your A1c and maybe how good your circulation is. My last A1c was 7.2 and past ones have been higher, and yet I seem to still heal well.

Wound healing in diabetics is just like diabetes itself. No 2 cases are exactly alike.I have always healed well, with or without good control. But that's just me. I know of others who have had excellent control and still had problems. It is an individual thing and one of the many "truths" that is proclaimed by the medical profession so they can treat us all alike. It's also possible that even without the diabetes, y ou might have had some post surgical problems. You'll never really know - just work hard at good control and do what you need to do to get better.

I've had 3 major surgeries in my 20's and 30's. I healed well back then and my
blood sugars were not as good as they have been in the last ten years. I've only had minor cuts and burns since which healed well also.

The governing issue is our overall health, not solely the diabetes piece(s).

Pain for example is almost entirely a perception issue. If you are having issues, whatever they might be, its NOT automatically the diabetes causing these problems. A grain of the issue(s) maybe, but not retroactively controlling the proverbial wheel. Could just be regular, normal swelling as opposed to something specifically diabetic per se...

How are the numbers since the surgery? Likely elevated by pain killers, cortisone, various medications etc., etc. Healing takes some time. As a diabetic for decades I've gotten out of hospitals days and weeks ahead of the doctors dopey schedules they intended because (sic solely) I was a T1 diabetic and would ~take longer~ (eye rolling)

More often than not the wound healing factor tends to be a blood flow issue caused by arterial disease, and advanced problems which already exist rather than just diabetes being the issue.

If it takes months, or you're concerned call the doctor and get them to recheck you. But nine days out, wouldnt worry too much. If you are, feel free to call the doctor, they'll let you know...