It is not always because you are Diabetic!

Back in February, I had open heart surgery. I was making the usual recovery, but ended up having a couple of spots in the incision that were not healing. I used a wound vacuum (which was great) and the largest area healed. A small 'Hole" would not. The doc that did the surgery said it was because I was diabetic, and it would take some time, so he had me continue dressing changes, etc. I started cardiac rehab, but continued to have pain, and just not feeling well. Again, I was told because I was diabetic, it would take a while. After 5 months of this, I went to a different hospital that has a great wound care center. Seems that this “hole” extended to my sternum, and I had an infection…seems a wire, suture, etc was causing the area not to heal, diabetes or not! I just underwent a very extensive procedure, there my sternum had to be debrieded, a could of ribs removed, all due to bone infection! I have a skin flap covering the area, as muscle pulled from my abdomen to reconstruct the area so I can heal. My point is, that it is not always “Because you are diabetic”! If a doctor does not do any other testing, etc, insist. I may not have to be on IV antibiotics now, and have literally lost 6-7 months of my life because a doctor did not look beyond me being diabetic.

I totally understand the meaning behind what you are saying. I have a lot of swelling in my legs and for years I have been told it was because of diabetes and now finally I find out it is because of a low ejection fraction with my heart. Dr.'s like to simply sum every thing up to diabetes when you have it and search no farther. That puts us at risk a lot of times.

Oh my gosh, how horrible! I think it’s always an excellent idea to seek out a second opinion if you aren’t happy with the care you are receiving… especially when you’re worried something else is going on!