Diabetis the stigma of being old

Our eldest daughter was diagnosed last year with diabetis and the regime she was put on was far beter than I have ever had, she attended a six week course couple of hours a week with other newly diagnosed folks and was shown and given ther ins and outs of being a diabetic.

Doing this course prepared her much beter than I ever was and she explained things to me far better than anyone had done before, it got me thinking was it because she was in full time employment and not like me unable to work and let's face it who would give me a job knowing my medical history I cannot even get travel insurance, well that is not 100% true I was asked for £8.000 deposit for a holiday 7 days in America some years ago.

Ageism is a real problem in our race other races respect age and look after there elderly here in Britain sad to say we are a burden to many people, our daughter came away from the course all geared up on what to eat what to steer clear of and I think has handled her diabetis much better than I ever have.

Not working also is another stigma no idea why with nearly 3 million out of work put the two together being old and not working and those who should know better treat you as second class citizens, sometimes the doctor looks at me and I can see it in his eyes all this money being wasted on you when it could be better used elsewhere.

Will the day come when diabetis will be a thing of the past and we older folks will be able to get with our lives coping the best we can, all of us want to contribute to society I would love to work bring in 2 or 3 hundred pounds a week eat well keep warm and enjoy life is it going to happen not in this climate of ageism and not being able to work

I think… While I agree that older folks don’t get a lot of the respect they deserve, here in America… I feel kicked aside because I can’t find a job, and I don’t have insurance… and I have Diabetes, and I am not old. Everyone has programs, and things, to help older folks get their supplies, deal with insurance, and even get free eye exams, and whatnot… but if you don’t have insurance, because you can’t find work, and you ran out of the little bit of unemployment insurance you got, you are done for. No one helps you, you don’t get supplies, and everything is out of pocket, or considered a ‘pre-existing’ condition. So, what do I do? I already go to a ‘free clinic’ for those who don’t have insurance, but they can’t dispense any strips to anyone… I am scared half the time because I dunno how to take care of rent, and utilities, and still buy good, and healthy food, and test strips. It’s scary out there… when you receive no aid, at all… because you a.) haven’t had a kid yet (so you can’t get on welfare), or b.) you are not old enough to get medicare or social security, or c.) you are not disabled, so you can’t get social security, either. I am trying really hard to get a job, but even when I do, it will most likely be a minimum wage job since all the professional jobs are pretty much non-existent, right now, and who can afford to live on that? No one.

Even though I’m now a senior I still seek answers to questions I have. My motto is to never settle. If I’m not satisfied with the answers I get I keep seeking the truth.