Diag with type 1 four months ago and still making insulin. Is this normal?

The hospital never did the type 1-2 test. my dr ordered it about a month ago and said early stages of type 1. They are surprised at how well im doing and im on very little insulin. Is this norm? how long was your “honeymoon stage”?

Hi! I was diagnosed 7 months ago and still using very little insulin… still honeymooning here!

Im 23 and I was also diagnosed 7 months ago. The hospital also didnt test me for T1 or T2 but then when I went to the endocrinologist he did confirm I was T1 but still making insulin. I was told everyones honeymoon stage was different. I did notice it getting harder to control and the next time I went it, my labs showed I was making almost nothing. I guess you just have to wait it out and see what happens to you. Everyones different and everyones body takes insulin differently. All I know is its been a huge life change and so far not fun.

Yes, it is normal to still make your own insulin for a while, maybe up to a year. Having even a little bit of remaining insulin function from your pancreas makes controlling your bg much easier.

I was diagnosed 3 months ago and still am on low doses of Insulin, although lately BGs are jumping WAY up after meals even tho I bolus. So this disease is unpredictable!!

thanks everyone for the feedback. Yeah I guess I just have to wait and enjoy while I can. I am 24 and thought I read somewhere that the older you are the shorter the honeymoon stage was.

I’m 29 and was diagnosed Feb 20, 2009 with T1. I still produce some insulin and do not take a lot of insulin. I have gained 30 lbs back since my diagnosis and still take the same amount of insulin as I did 30 lbs lighter. A lot of that though has to do with my activity levels at this point because I am racing BMX again. I haven’t seen my endo in a while to test how much insulin I make on my own but it seems like I still make some 9 months after my diagnosis. I hope this helps.

At first I never got a diagnosis either for type 1 or 2. I was at 1000 when I went to ICU. I was on insulin for about a year. I dont remember any test for how much insulin I was producing but I went to the endo during that year and eventually my pancreas produced enough insulin on their own for me to be completely off of insulin. I was off of insulin for about 2 years and eventually return to pills. I think my biggest problem was stress. I got my stress levels under control and I could operate on my own. So enjoy the time you have with the low insulin.

take care

Hi Adam,

The honeymoon period is different for every person. It took me about 4 years before I lost all function of my pancreas. Others happen faster or slower. I did notice that I would be fine for a few months, and then all of a sudden I would need some major changes in my basal rates. This happened to me several times, so I think it wasn’t a gradual change, but rather a series of steps down in insulin production.

The test you are probably referring to is called a c-peptide test. It helps determine how much insulin the pancreas is still producing.

I was diagnosed like a week and a half ago, and am really sensitive to insulin and some functioning yet-- I suppose thats what the ‘honeymoon’ period is you guys are referring to? That’s good that you’re doing well though man, I’m happy for you

Well, not easier for me. :frowning: Seven years after my T1 diagnosis, my pancreas is still kicking out some insulin but in an unpredictable way, usually in the morning, but nowhere near every day. I had blood tests done about four months ago that showed that I’m still producing a little insulin. Honestly, I’ll be glad when I’m at 0 insulin!