Diagnosed in college?

Hi, I’m looking for people who were actually diagnosed with type 1 in college. I work for JDRF and we’d like to provide materials for those newly diagnosed in college, so I have a few questions to ask. No personal information will be used in any articles or publications without your express written permission. Thank you!

  1. How were you diagnosed?
  2. How did you react to the diagnosis? What thoughts/feelings did you have?
  3. Where did you turn for support/information?
  4. What steps did you take/changes did you make at school after being diagnosed to help you manage diabetes?
  5. What changes/adjustments have been the most difficult for you?
  6. Would you say that you have “good control” over your diabetes and blood sugar levels?
  7. Are you able to lead a relatively “normal” life?
  8. What help/information do you feel you’re still lacking?
  9. How has diabetes affected your social life?
  10. Do you drink? If so, did you seek out information about how to drink safely with diabetes?
  11. Did you/do you live on campus? How did this affect life with your roommate?
  12. Would you be willing to answer any follow-up questions we may have? If so, please provide your name and e-mail or phone number. (You can send to rlewinson@jdrf.org if you don’t wish to post here).
    8622-Collegesurvey.doc (26 KB)