Diagnosis Stories

I got home pretty tired (avoiding my teachers gaze really took it out of me obv) and my mom said “don’t sit down! you’re doctors appointment is in 10 minutes”. I thought to myself, ‘sheeeet’ then ‘oh yeah probably something to do with my epic pee sessions and that blood test this morning’. I was hoping to watch some of The Simpsons or something.
I got to the doctors office and described my ‘symptoms’. The doctor asked me to pee in a cup and I was like “the pleasure is all mine doc”. He then dipped a strip with some raised tabs on it in the cup of pee and the tabs changed colour. My mom and I didn’t know what was going on so we were steeped in anticipation. The doctor glanced at me and then looked at my mom and gave a slow but distinct single nod with his lips flattened. My mom clenched me as the doctor described to my mom how I should get a glucose monitor and insulin. Like in a movie, my mom and doctor discussed while I sat looking blankly (music plays in the background to mask the voices to highlight my blankness).

I bet there are way more interesting stories out there other than my very observant diabetic mom noticing my symptoms. Anyone got any interesting ones to share?

The rest of this blog can be found here: 2/ I'm Diabetic Now (Diagnosis Part 1)

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I was at Disney World in Orlando. My parents waited a week to come home to Indiana. By God they paid for Disney world and they were staying .





Ouch haha that’s memorable I suppose, but for the wrong reasons :sweat_smile:

Loved your writing!! Made me chuckle.

When were you diagnosed? In recent years I thought they would of skipped the pee test and went straight to a blood test.

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Thank you so much! That made my day. I’m actually working on my blogs so if you’d like to see more then please visit my site http://the-hypo.com/ :grin: .
I was diagnosed in 2007 and If I remember correctly it was a ketone strip. I think he also did a quick blood test and sent some blood off for examination.

That makes sense.

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