diaTribe, a diabetes publication worth reading

I may be "preaching to the choir" here, but I suspect that some PWDs are not aware of the interesting and informative publication about all things diabetes, diaTribe. I have been following this publication for many years. It is written by and for PWDs, both T1 and T2. It covers the latest research and also the latest professional meetings on diabetes.

The publication describes its coverage:

In each issue of diaTribe, we bring you relevant, focused information – in short, we do all the homework, so you don't have to. Our columns include:

test drive - our personal, no-holds-barred experiences with new drugs & devices

new now next – short takes on the latest happenings from all over the diabetes and obesity worlds

logbook - a look at the human drama of diabetes by best-selling author James S. Hirsch

learning curve - a deeper dive into the science behind the news

thinking like a pancreas - diabetes management tips from one our favorite diabetes educators, Gary Scheiner

sum musings – perspectives on a life with diabetes by acclaimed "Six Until Me" diabetes social media expert Kerri Sparling

diaTribe dialogue - excerpts from our conversations with leading healthcare providers and scientists, who share with us lessons from their offices and labs

trial watch – a synopsis of currently recruiting diabetes and obesity-related clinical trials

fingersticks – our humorous, illustrated renditions of diabetes and obesity topics

quotable quotes – the best quotes about diabetes and obesity that we’ve recently heard

what we're reading – reviews of some of our favorite recent readings on diabetes and obesity

Issue number 60 just published. If you haven't read it before, I encourage you to look at what it has to offer. So much of what we do is a mind game. diaTribe keeps you abreast of all the latest developments in the fast changing diabetes world.

I've been reading this publication since it came out and it's excellent. I subscribe by e-mail so get each issue in my inbox. DiaTribe also does some interesting product surveys and other research occasionally (which is completely optional; I joined some reader feedback list).

Yes! I have enjoyed DiaTribe for years. It is excellent, comprehensive and written by PWD's, so there is no nonsense. The only part I don't like is when they estimate the cost of new tech (they must be assuming excellent insurance coverage).

I love this publication. Couldn't agree with you more.

thanks, id not seen this before! ill be checking out the back issues now!

As I suspected, many here are aware of diaTribe. I'm happy to see at least one member of our community can now begin to enjoy all the good info from this quality source.

As a newbie I’d never heard of it, will check it out, thanks!

DiaTribe is certainly one of the smartest diabetes publications out there. Thanks for mentioning, since some people may not be aware of it.

I always like reading Diatribe. Their publications are very informational and have been a blessing since I was diagnosed last year.

Just signed up there after learning of it here. Pleased to see it's free!