Did anyone get two pdms when they first started?

When my daughter first started on the omnipod we were given 2 pdms, but our trainer said this was not customary. Last yr the 1st pdm was corrrupted(omnipod not sure why). but since we had another pdm, the 1st pdm has now been sitting in a box since then. I would like to send the corrupted one back, and get a another pdm, just in case the one we have now ever fails.Anyone else ever have two?

When I asked if I could have a second PDM at my training, they said I’d have to pay for it. I’d maybe not mention the backup PDM you currently have, and just order a replacement.

If you have one PDM working and one that isnt just send the broken one back and they should replace it. They probably wont check your records to see that you have two. Thats probably such a rare case they wouldnt even think to check that.