Did I make a mistake?

I went to take my drivers license and got nervous when she asked me about a medical condition . I told her I had Diabetes and then she started taling about a medical form I will be recieving I have to take that to the doctor .
Have I messed up telling them ? Does anyone know what is going to be on the form ? It is already done now I cant go back just wondering .
Also does auto insurance go up because of Type 1 Diabetes?
Thanks guys

Hi its a form that basically you take to your dr and they want to know if your diabetes is stable. I got one YEARS ago when I first got my drivers lic and after a few years with no incident DMV stop requiring me to have one updated.

You did the right thing, and it should all be fine. Really I wouldnt be offened to have to have mine recerted every year, I think as drivers we owe it not only to ourselves but to the safety of everyone we are sharing the road with to be in the best possible health and control there is. And if there are problems than to have a plan to ensure we are driving safely and doing everything we can to be sure we are ALWAYS safe while driving. It kinda scares me the people I have heard of that flat out lie on that questionaire about medical conditions, Those in my opinion are probably the ones we need to be the most worried about while driving. Good luck, Im sure it will all go fine.

As far as car insurance goes, Ive never had a insurance company ask me about medical conditions. I wouldnt lie about it if asked, I've just never been asked.

thanks Christy

What cristy says. When I 1st became diabetic in 73 they didn't have that form but now they do. I see no need in lying about diabetes after many years of that not being discussed and a round years, and years ago where I didn't tell them at the ER I had diabetes and getting what turned out to be not for a person who had diabetes & staying in the hospital MUCH longer than I would have if I had told them now I just tell them everything.

The mistake would have been not to disclose that you have D. I don't know where you live but when I got my license many years ago I had to take a form to my dr. and he had to fill it out.

That's exactly the extent mine was too. What kind of medication I was on, the dosage, how often I took it. I think something like had I had any episodes of losing consciousness, and if so the time frame, how many times that sort of thing. Wasn't much to it.

Thanks for this discussion & the info. My daughter is turning 16 next summer & I was wondering about all of this!

My general rule is "Always answer the question honestly, but never offer more information than requested."

This has served me well over the years, whether it be applying for a license, filling out insurance questionairres or employment forms.

Thanks , I feel better now if she had not asked I would not have said anything but when she asked I could not lie . I guess that is a good thing for a teenager LOL

I got my DL right around the time I got dx'ed, while my eyes were still "better" and I didn't need glasses so, for like 20 years, I didn't "need" glasses on my DL, just to see with...

I've never been asked when getting car insurance about any medical conditions. IF I was asked I'd be honest, but all they've ever asked me about is moving violations or traffic accidets. Luckily I have a pretty clean driving record, nothing current that dings me for my premiums.

I agree IF asked be honest, but don't volunteer more than is requested. It's DMV's responsiblity to ensure drivers with medical conditions are in their opinion safe to operate a motor vehicle, but as far as my car insurance goes...as long as I've had no accidents or violations due to health reasons then why should I get dinged for it. If Im fit by DMV's standards and my driving record is clean that should be enough. I can certainly understand your premium's being raised if you have had incidents due to a health condition, BUT I'd also expect DMV at that point to put some restriction on my ability to drive until either my control was better or the reason was further investigated.

Does this vary by state? I'm just wondering because I don't recall ever having to have a form filled out about my d control. It is possible that I never volunteered the information but it seems like something that my parents would have strongly suggested I do back then. Luckily I have a very clean driving record (the only tickets I have ever gotten are parking tickets (knock on wood!)) so I guess they never have had an occasion to question it.

Yes it does vary by state. A few posts back there is a link that lists what each states requirements are.

In my state it does not matter if you are a Type 1 or Type 2 and you use insulin you have to report it to the state driving commissioner. If you do not disclose it they can revoke or suspend your license if the state finds out about it.

If you start insulin you are required to have the form completed. That includes those who already have a license and then start insulin.

The form will allow your state Tyler to verify with your Dr that you are in good control and have not had a series of bad hypo's. Most diabetics have little problem and the Dr is willing to sign off on the form.

As to your insurance going up not sure about that.

You shouldnt have any probem. Stay safe.

I agree with this, too. If you lie and are discovered to have lied you could use the privilege of driving forever, or your job, or your insurance coverage.

Amen BSC in KY I believe it asks have you lost consciousnesses or has your driving been impaired due to medical condition in the past 90 days. Well never passed out and yet to have a low while driving so I as in the clear.