DMV declarations

Sooo, I’ve moved to another state, which means new lisence, etc. I never declared D when I got my first lisence/renewals + I never had a seizure/low blood sugar behind the wheel. I’m very careful about such things. The form didn’t specifically say diabetes. Well, this one(MD) does + you’ve got to produce your little doctor’s certificate proclaiming you fit to be behind the wheel.

Do you guys always declare the D, even if it means you’ve got to dreg up alot of extra paperwork before you can renew your lisence? What would happen, if you didn’t declare the D and got into a hypo caused accident? Or just got into an accident(your fault) and it was on the medics report that you were diabetic…

I would be afraid if I got into an accident and even if it were ot my fault I would be blamed because I am a diabetic. As far as I know Geogia is not asking yet and I am not telling yet.

I declared the big D and regret doing so, I think I posted my experience about it. I will try to find it for you. Don’t do it is my opinion.

Here was my post about the DMV

I’m with Monica.

Even if the govermnent forms don’t specifically ask about diabetes, they probably do ask if there ar eany medical conditions that could affect your ability to drive. The same holds true for your driving insurance. Don’t declare it and you may find that your insurance is invalid if you ever do have a problem. Those are legal document you sign your name to .