Did it!

I finally achieved first goal! That is to get my weight into the
normal range. This morning, naked on the scale, I was 139, which is BMI
24.7 for my height of 5’3"!

I’m sure I said this before, but after
achieving first goal, I’m going to let it sit for a while, to make sure
I can maintain, and then think about second goal. At this point I’m
considering, based on the following history:

  1. High school weight: 107 BMI 19.0

  2. College weight: 115 BMI 20.4

  3. Post-college weight: 126 BMI 22.4

  4. Post pregnancy weight: 135 BMI 24.0

  5. Diabetes weight: 155 BMI 27.5

I’m sort of thinking
130 - 135, that being where my close-to-prime body was after pregnancy
at age 26, and would be a comfortable weight for a soon-to-be senior
lady (I just turned 63). When I attended a diabetes education class a
hundred years ago, they asked us to tell what weight we’d like to
achieve, and I said 135 at the time.

So I’d like to know what your thoughts are!


Natalie ._c- who will NEVER be exactly NORMAL!!

Congratulations! That’s a great accomplishment! 125-135 is a good range for you, so any weight within that range you feel best at and can comfortably maintain :slight_smile:

All I can say is congratulations Natalie!

That is great. I think most medical advisors would tell you that you have achieved an ideal weight. And the thing you need to remind yourself is that you did this despite everything stacked against you. In the end, I’ve decided that my actual weight and BMI does not matter, but my target is focused on how lean I am.


Congratulations, Natalie, great accomplishment! Your goals sound very reasonable and after what you’ve done so far, shouldn’t be hard to do! I agree with bsc, to lose weight at our age (I’m just one year younger than you) and with all our other factors is pretty wonderful.


Congratulations Natalie! I thought I told you before that you are not senior until you hit 90 - you have a long way to go!

Well, I always thought I would be doing well to hit 75, but if I make it to 90, I’ll take it! :slight_smile:

At the rate I am going, I will extremely happy to make 75! When I did HBO, I lived in a seniors apartment that was owned by the hospital. I used to say some of those 90-year old women moved around better than I did. They also had a good sense or humor.

Awesome !!!..and my promise to you : I won’t let you catch up age wise ( on to my 71 st ) …at least not yet :slight_smile:

I know how good that feels. We are about the same height. In high school I was also 105-110. When I started to have kids 32 years ago I was in the mid 120’s. After my last daughter was born in 1989, I was in the high 140’s. Menopause hit and before I knew it I was almost 200 pounds when I turned 50. I worked my butt off with diet and exercise and lost 50 pounds and was rewarded with a D diagnosis. Since then I have lost another 33 pounds with low carb and exercise. Before Christmas I was actually down to 112, but gained a few back over the winter - 117 ( But I can live with that) . It is nice to wear a smaller size than my college senior. I have also found with the lower weight my bgs behave better, my BP is great and my stamina for exercise has increased. I actually enjoy exercise so much more, now that I am not panting all the time.

That’s great Natalie, congratulations! I know that has to feel good.

That’s easy! Jealousy!!! I too am 5’3" and have just struck the 72 kg mark, am aiming for 70kg, now you have made me realise I have a long way to go. Congratulations, you have done so well.

HOORAH!!! :slight_smile:

Or you can just google BMI and it gives you a neat little active converter right on the search page…lol

I’m glad to hear you did that, Natalie. When I was diagnosed and during the year after II lost the 40 pounds I’d gained over the years putting me at my perfect weight (BMI 21.5 - since I used the handy converter might as well include it!). I was so happy, I would say, “It’s a gift, but I’m not giving it back!” In the 3 years since I’ve gained back 8 pounds, which I know isn’t a lot and still has me with a BMI of 22.8. But I’ve gained 3 pounds in the last 3 weeks with doing nothing really different (except a bit too much nut butter which I am now on a ban from!). But I crossed “one of those round numbers” and I tend to get pretty freaked out by weight. So I’ve decided I’m not going to freak out but follow your lead and work on getting back down. We are the same age so if you can lose 16 pounds, it, I can lose 8! How did you do it?

In my folk-dance group, we have a 92-year-old lady named Alice. Well, we were doing a line dance that involved going in a line around a person who was standing still, and Alice was behind me, and she PUSHED me because I wasn’t going fast enough!!! Couldn’t do anything but laugh!

Great work, Natalie! 130-135 sounds perfect.

Congrads!!! Lets see seeing I’m 2 inches taller than you but weigh the same as you do now…I would like to see 125 again but not the way I done it last time. (not an intelligant way at all emotions played a BIG part in me going down to 100) But I want my hips back! LOL!

Congraulations, Natalie. We all know that it was not easy. Now you know you can do anything.

For some unknown reason, I learned about the BMI in metric measurements, and so I know I’m 1.60m, and 1kg. = 2.2 lb. so I divided 139 by 2.2, and then 1.60 x 1.60 = 2.56, so I divided by that. Now I’m going to have to try it by lbs. and in. and see how different it is!

139 x 703 = 97,717 / (63 x 63) = 3969 = 24.6 Which is a little less than the 24.7 I got using metric measurements. But close enough! Maybe I should memorize the English formula, if it’s going to give me lower numbers! LOL!