Hello everybody time for resolutions!

I am struggling with my weight as do most Type 2 diabetics.

I want to do a little weight club. I am not trying to do the biggest loser but to inspire people to be more active.

I think it would be cool that on January 2, 2011 we can long in our weight?BS levels and from there let everybody know what your progress it. If you are having difficulties we are here to inspire and nurture. If you have any tips and tricks that is cool too.

So what does everybody think?

count me in.

Yes, I’ll try too, need to lose some weight.

FIRST goal is not to gain any weight over the holidays, LOL! I still can't get my BG under 140 after my pigout yesterday -- not eating much today! But sure, I'll participate in the weigh-in -- without my shoes!


Natalie ._c-

Great idea Christalyn :)

I'm at 260.

I need to lose 110 pounds so I would love to participate.

My normal weigh in day is on Sunday so Jan 2 sounds great.

I wll post my weight once a week.

As far as posting BS levels that would be good too.

Would we do a daily BS level.

My doctor told me that I have to loose weight. She said it would help my health conditions and several other ailments too.

I would suggest to everybody that is participating to find a group in your home towns or at least a partner to help you with you weight loss. Again this is not the biggest loser and I will be happy if everybody could lose 5 lbs each.

I live in a suburb of north of Los Angeles. There is a fitness group that meets once a week that I plan to attend in various places around the city. The group will have a certified instructor too. Go to meetup.com and see if there are any groups in your area that are doing some kind of fitness or yoga activity. Yoga can be very helpful to diabetics too.

Well, I got on the scale today, and after peeing all night for 2 nights, my weight is back down to 150. So now I’m hoping to see the magic 149! My first goal is 140, which would put me at BMI 24.9, and then I will see if I can get a little lower. I don’t think I will ever be thin, but that’s not really my goal. “Normal” is good enough for me! :slight_smile:

What made you pee so much.

Well, I pigged out for Christmas, and took more insulin than usual, and insulin makes the body retain water. But for the last 2 days, I haven’t been eating so much, so my body released the water. Or at least that’s my best explanation!

WTG, Natalie :slight_smile:

Well, I lost another 2 lb. -- now down to 148, with 140 being my goal of BMI 24.9. The goal of not gaining weight during the holidays has been working for me! It's not January 2, yet, but I see no reason not to work on my goal NOW! :-) When (not if!) I achieve 140, then I will think about moving the goalposts -- I don't think I'll ever achieve my high school weight again, but maybe a few pounds under 140 might be a good idea.

As far as exercise, I'm getting a little, not nearly enough, and I'm thinking about thinking about it, LOL!! That's the place where y'all could give me encouragement!


Natalie ._c-

You go girl :slight_smile:

255 Today

Beginning weight 260

Current weight 255

I've lost 5 lbs so I'm thrilled :)

170 today

began w/182 in October

BS 147

OK, it's January 2, like Christalyn said, so let's hear from folks!!

I'm ranging between 148 and 150 at the moment -- first goal is 140, which is BMI 24.9. Then we'll see where I go from there!

I am glad everybody is getting on board! with their resolutions. I am just wanting people to come up with something simple they know they can achieve and do. Then make another goal.

Right now I am serious bogged down with inventory at work but I am moving and lifting heavy boxes with I know is good for the body. I am drinking lots of water for my “cold.”

Ok folks!! I am getting back on track!!!

Today I joined a local weight loss group and we had our work out and weigh ins…I am 202 lbs. I ain’t ashamed. I know in November I was 190lbs and I can achieve that again.

Well, I plan on doing Jackie Warner’s video tape at least 3x times during the week and I will go and do the weight loss group on the weekends. Now its just controlling my eating…

Good for you Christalyn!!! :slight_smile: Good for you for having the courage to work out!
Natalie ._c-

You go girl. I’ll check out the video. I’ve tried to cut down 250 calories per day. Some days I do fine and other days I don’t. I’ll keep on trying.