Did you ever think your kid was dead while they were sleeping, cool and hypo?

Sorry such a morbid question for a sunday morning... Bad night last night after a 6 hour exercise day, and had trouble getting out of a low even with our new dexcom.

I suppose ignorance was bliss, but to see that low pattern and have it not come up with juice and more juice was really scary.

I felt her and her body was so cool, that I thought she wasn't breathing...

It all turned out ok and she is fine, but I was really scared this morning when i thought more about it...

YES!!! Just weeks ago Sophia slept with us. I woke up for my usual 2am check but before I even grabbed the meter I felt as if something was wrong. She was very still and when I looked I could not see the rise and fall of her abdomen. I placed my hand on her belly and thought she felt cool. No movement. I started saying her name loudly and rubbing her chest firmly with my knuckles. My husband woke up first and then Sophia. I checked her bg, barely able to hold the meter and she was normal. Just sleeping soundly I guess but scared the wits out of me!!!

A couple of years ago I actually passed out after finally getting a reading from my soundly sleeping child. Turns out she was perfectly in range, but i had so completely panicked that i thought I was having a stroke. We got our daughters dex's after that, and then i went on a maintenance dose of anti anxiety meds. I realized that i couldn't do what i needed to do if i was paralyzed with fear over what COULD happen.

you could of also passed out from kneeling at the side of her bed in middle of the night the up down up down stuff can cause orthostatic hypotention, hence why i used to pass out in church! hydration and getting older (lol) has helped me with this but i still can get woozy when kneeling. in anycase you did the right thing getting treatment, i have had a lot of interactions with older type 1's on here lately thinking back about their youth and treatment with 1-2 shot minimal testing/ of course this was all that was offered back then so no blame/ i just feel like they tend to label us younger moms and neurotic about our kids care. i try so hard not to be, but there are days that are harder than others as we all know! even us as kids grew up totally different than kids today. i try to let them make their own decisions, let jacob self manage ( with me checking his pdm and helping when he needs it) but lets face it there at days fraught with worry and concern!

natalie, sorry you have such a bad night, thankfully i have never been put in that harrowing a situation. i tend to give jacob a snack with protein and fat at night to help him stay steady esp on his more active days, then i do less insulin than his pdm recommends. his favorite lately is chocolate hazelnut spread on an english muffin or icecream we do 60/40 (1 hour) for both of those snacks and he does well with this. hoping for better days for you! amy

That is the worst! My son's face gets pale and greyish in color when he is hypo, so it makes me panic when I first see him. This happens even in the 60s, so even though I've seen him a lot this way, it is different because (1) its night and parents worry about night hypos anyway, (2) he's sleeping and you can't see him breathing at first, and (3) I've always had more worries about my children when their asleep going way back to when they were babies and I worried about SIDs.