Did you get your 5 People?

Two days ago Manny sent out a great email.
Saying the following:

We have collected more than 9,100 signatures in our petition to Google for a Doodle in time for World Diabetes Day, but we need more. We are shooting for 20K signatures BEFORE Nov. 1:

Please tell at least 5 other people to sign: we can easily get to this goal if everybody tells 5 people:

2 days later we have only gotten 1100 more signatures…we have less than 2 days to get just over 9000 signatures.

I may be a fairly new member to the site and the activity and support on here has been wonderful but, I am shocked that each member here cannot find 5 people to sign the petition. As an individual who spends most of his day solving computer problems I know it takes less than 30 seconds to sign the petition and we can all find that time in our day to take for such a worthwhile cause to raise awareness.

Thanks for reading my rant,

Ron :slight_smile: