Google Doodle Petition

Hey everyone. International Diabetes Federation and Diabetes Hands Foundation are trying to convince Google for giving Sir Frederick Banting a Doodle on World Diabetes Day 2012.
Please sign the petition and spread the word around as much as possible.

I know the DOC tried to get a diabetes Doodle several years ago and it got a fair number of signatures (I think 10,000?) but failed because Google gave some response about how they only do these for obscure, geeky things and not mainstream "causes" like diabetes. Banting was at least eccentric, so maybe they will like the idea better. If it doesn't work, maybe they'd like to do one on the invention of rDNA technology (of which the first application was insulin). :)

Hey Jen, I think you just gave an awesome idea... so this is the petition which will later be sent to Google with a detailed proposal. I think the rDNA can be added to that proposal. Thanks a lot for this great idea...

Personally I've been very happy with the "diabetes supply art" here on tudiabetes and elsewhere.

Some of the pictures in Bliss's "The Discovery of Insulin" are excellent too.

There's a thin line between stigmatized images and powerful images, and while we can erase that line here, I'm not sure it works for the general public.