MORE than 40K people viewed "Drawing Diabetes" on YouTube!

Hey everyone,
Wanted to let you know the “Drawing Diabetes” video that resulted from the great submissions made to this contest a couple of months ago was featured in YouTube’s Nonprofits & Activism channel. This is very exciting! So far, it’s gotten almost 6,300 views!

Here is a screenshot…

Way to go!


Now at 9,000 views. Congrats!

I am so proud of all our participating children! :slight_smile:

WOA… we are up to 13,846 views now!!!

The number of views for the video have sort of started flatting out… I am proud to announce more than 26,000 people viewed the video through YouTube!!!

Manny, I just watched this video and it moved me so much I emailed it (and information to my ENTIRE family! I’m the only diabetic in my family and wanted to let them know about the community I’ve joined and how it has helped me so much. Thanks again! Dana

That is awesome work! A serious congratulations.

Make that 30K… we are nearing 30,000 views on YouTube. The video made it to the home page of the Featured videos in the Nonprofits channel again!!!

It is great news,beautiful video