Diet and Lifestyle changes

I have T2D and after doing some in-depth research, I believe that the best direction to get off medication and heal is doing some real changes. I would like to switch to Keto diet (today I’m on some sort of Mediterranean diet) and do Intermittent Fasting; Improve my sleep; start swimming and Yoga. I understand that these are huge changes and the truth is that I’m a bit scare. I’m 42 y old, have 2 great kids and wife and I assume that I will need also their support.

I’m addressing my next questions to people that also suffered from Pre/T2 Diabetes and did some major lifestyle changes (doesn’t have to be the same changes as I mentioned):

  1. Can you share a few words about your background (age, family status, diabetes type, etc…)
  2. For how long you struggle with diabetes?
  3. Do you take medication? Or did you take any medication in the past?
  4. What changes did you do?
  5. Why did you decided to do such a major change?
  6. What helped you with the lifestyle changes?
  7. For how long you’re maintaining these changes?
  8. Any obstacles that came in your way to achieve the changes? How you overcome them?
  9. Any advice for someone that wants to start?

Appreciate all your help,

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I was nearly 70 when I was diagnosed with T2.
I treat my diabetes with diet, exercise and medication.
I eat low carb. Keto is very good for T2 and fits in with family life very well.
Breaakfast can be eggs scrambled with any leftover vegetables.
Lunch, a low carb flatbread filled with salad and some sort of protein.
Dinner, same as family are having minus the bread, potato, pasta or rice. Eat extra vegetables to fill you up.
By testing your blood glucose before you eat and 2 hours after you have eaten you can check how you are doing and adjust things slightly.
You will find you feel so much better keeping your diet in some form of low carb style that you will wonder why you did not start earlier.


I agree with Pastel Painter. I was diagnosed 11 years ago with an A1c of 12
I dropped metformin after a year. for 10 years no diabetes meds but follow the same way of eating and exercise. My A1c has not been over 6 for at least 9 years.
It takes a lot of will power and control.

It is not for everyone, but works well for me, Just turned 74


Yes, will power and control. I am getting my blood glucose down by leaving off bread, potatoes, rice, sphagetti etc but not starving myself. I joined Weight Watchers online,so this is a big help. You can record on your android EVERYTHING you eat & drink, this keeps you focused. My blood glucose levels are lowering and so I’m sticking to it. You can eat low card bread (mine is 5g a small slice) every now and again. My doctors have stopped all reviewing. I’ve had no review for a year and my next one is in May 2020. This is why I decided to get my levels down.

I’m not sure what you mean by “review.” Does this mean that your doctors no longer do any blood tests or A1c check?