24M/New to T2


Salutations kind folks at TuD,

As of yesterday I was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes by my doctor. Doc ordered labs which came back showing 10.9 A1c, estimated my avg glucose at 266mg/dL. The bloodwork from the morning showed glucose at 332mg but i had ate a couple of real sugary cookies rushing out the door.

I don’t think it’s hereditary as I only know of 2 family members (great uncle, great grandmother) who had it. I had done labs a little over 2 years ago in which the doctor then had talked about my liver enzymes being “elevated.” He never really explained anything and just told me to take 2 pills once a day, wasn’t given a meter/told i had diabetes/ etc…

Doc prescribed me metmorfin SR 500g once a day with dinner. I also have to measure fbg and bg before going to bed. Last night before bed i measured at 237mg and this morning at 245mg. I’ve already started to make changes to my diet and will begin working out also per doc’s orders.

Do any of you kind folks have a list of foods that one can eat freely? I’ve googled some lists and *sample meal plans but i feel like i’ll go hungry eating so lightly. What does a typical breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack schedule look like for you T2’s?

Any info is appreciated :slight_smile:


I eat low carb, paleo and keto are also good diets to follow. You more or less eliminate carbohydrates from your diet and fill up with lots of low carb vegetables. A post called The Top 23 Low Carb Snacks is here:

The Top 23 Low Carb Snacks .

Because you eat more fat and protein on low carb and also carb rich leafy green vegetables you should not feel hungry.


Welcome, @swayku. Like @Pastelpainter, I also use a low carbohydrate diet to help control my diabetes. If you do some internet searches, use terms like “low carb diet,” “ketogenic diet,” or “paleo diet.” Low carb eating choices features meat, eggs, heavy cream, cheese, non-starchy veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and sweet peppers. By replacing carb calories in your diet with high fat items, this will leave you feeling satiated. Good luck!

I’m curious what “24M” means in the title of your post.


You may want to ask your doctor for RX for more BG strips.

Being able to test your morning fasting BG, and also some before and after meal BG checks will help you learn which meal choices/portion sizes work best for you.

500 mg metformin seems low based on your A1C and fasting BG. But starting gradual is good, but should be increased if BGs are not coming down.

I am T1, but my mom is T2. She was not getting good advice from her primary Dr, and asked for referral to Endo. She was glad she did, and got much better care.


He gave me a refillable prescription with 2 tubes of BG strips so i have plenty to use right now. I presume he’ll have me testing more often after he seems my initial bg results.

I was given instructions to take 1 pill week 1 and 2. If i am not able to get my fbg down between 80-130mg then i have to start taking 2 pills.
Week 3 and 4 increase to 3 if not at target, week 4 and 5 increase to 4 if not at target.
If after the 4 pill increase i’m still not at target i have to schedule a consult and reevaluate the plan/medication.

He seems very knowledgeable so we’ll see how his advice pans out. I definitely want nothing more than to get to target bg asap.


When you are comfortable, know that it is ok to test MORE than what doctor has suggested. Many buy additional strips at Wal-Mart or Amazon. Seeing your BG before and after meals, exercise is one way to understand how things are working.


Thank you for the advice :smiley:
with that being said, when would you recommend testing before/after meals, how soon after working out, etc.? I have enough bg strips to make positive use of all for the sake of understanding where my bg is.


Thank you for the tips, Terry!
I’ll definitely look into each of those diet options and see which one fits me best.
As for the 24M in the title 24 is my age M is for male. Didn’t know if it would help to add that info :slight_smile:


General rule is to test just before you eat, and 2 hours after meal. Log what you ate, including portion size. Also include notes if you were more or less active that day. Read labels and use a scale to help with portion sizes.
Read up on counting carbs, or find online lists or books with carb counts. For T2, insulin is produced in your body, but not enough, and/or not used effectively. Lower carb foods require less insulin.

If you eat mostly higher carb food, less protein and fat, you would likely see higher numbers at the 2 hour mark.
If you eat more protein, fat, then likely to be closer to before meal BG.

I am type 1, hopefully some other members with T2 can share more ideas of what helped them.

Does 24M mean 24 yo Male?


ahhhh that makes sense. Definitely not used to measuring food so this will be an adjustment.
24M does mean 24yo Male :slight_smile:


Once you have more data, your appt with doctor should be more productive to determine your treatment. Keep posting your questions here, there are lots of good discussion on meals, carbs, exercise, and “managing” diabetes.

If you are normal weight, it may be possible you have LADA instead of T2. You can search this site for more info.


I definitely agree! I think it’s primarily due to my weight and poor food choices. I’m 5’9 and 200 lbs. Definitely not that big but I guess big enough to where my health was affected.