Diet Coke with Splenda - How to get shipped into Canada?

I know that the product exists ibn the US, however, I was also told that there exist companies who will ship US products to Canada. Does anyone know of such companies? I would like to contact them.

No Coke Zero in Canada?

Doesn’t Coke Zero still contain aspartame? The bottles we get where I live have the phenalaline warning on them too. Is there a differnt COke product with Splenda? I thought I have seen it in the past. Here is an interesting link about Coke Zero -


Thank for your suggestion, but Coke Zero has aspertame which I can’t tolerate. I’m interested in the coke with Splenda and not in any alternatives.

Oh, sorry… I thought it was Coke Zero the one being promoted as having Splenda…

I think it’s this one, then…

This eBay vendor ships it internationally… a little pricey, though.

This is a reference to a press release about the product being introduced in the USA in 2005. I did say that I know the product exists.

That was helpful. It has a reference to an online grocery.

I know you knew… I was double checking for me… lol because I actually had no clue. :wink:

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I am not answering your question , apologies :
I stopped drinking diet pop since last year…too pricey for me ( NO food value ) …tap water is my choice .As my hubby reminds me :" I am a frugal gal , while I use the word cheap " , ha, ha .
I listened to a RD , CDE talk on " Mindless Eating " this past Saturday and one of the questions from the audience was : How much sugar substitute is OK in one day ? …what I recall her answering : as little as possible