Beverages and Diabeties

I have been using Crystal Lite but I see that it contains Maltodextrin. What suggestions are there for keeping in the fridge drinks that do not raise our sugar levels?

Most diet soft drinks are safe. If they are sweetened with aspartame there usually are few or no carbs. But you always have to read labels (as you've just been reminded). No way around it.

One of my personal pet peeves is the way producers constantly try to camouflage the sugar by giving it other names. Dozens of other names. One of my favorites is "evaporated cane juice." What a smarmy way to say "sugar".

I have been getting into the habit of not purchasing diet drinks seems to work and I have saved some of our pension money to use for more useful projects ...thank heavens : tap water is still available to us .

Lucky you. We can't drink our tap water -- old pipes, too much lead. We wash with it but we don't dare drink it.

I'm in the same boat. I refill 5 gallon jugs at the dispenser that does reverse osmosis filtering. It's 35 cents per gallon so it's still pretty much the cheapest drink going but without the nitrites, coliform bacteria, and chokingly high levels of chlorine in my tap water.

I usually drink tapwater or coffee, but When my daughter was small and now for my grandchildren, I dilute real fruit juice. It's not carb free, but it can be pretty low, depending on how I make it. Also my daughter buys low sugar squash[I think Americans call it codial] for the children.
I'm in England


Maltodextrin does bring my t1 daughter up, so we crossed that one off the list. She likes lemonade, so I found a natural powdered lemon called "Natural Lemon". We add a few packets + stevia powder. We also drink Poland Spring sparkling water with flavors.
There are there powdered drink flavors in the same isle....look for the ones with Splenda. My daughter also likes unsweetened Almond milk to which she adds her own flavors/sweeteners. Unsweetened cocoa + stevia, vanilla, etc. We also bought some of the DaVinci flavored syrups Dr. B. mentions in his book. There is a root beer flavor that all my kids add to plain selzer and they love it. Personally I am not too crazy about artificial sweeteners......but we do it as a "treat" not an every day drink. Hope those help!

Yes, maltodextrin is definitely a carb. Bernstein deems it a complete no-no.

I make a gallon of unsweetened decaf iced tea (either from tea bags or from an instant mix but one not lemon flavored) then add one of the packets of Crystal Light that's supposed to make a quart. That gives me a very lightly sweetened flavored tea. (I used Peach the first time I did this and it tasted just like Snapple to me!) It does have maltodextrin but being diluted that much makes it have no effect on my blood sugar. I only drink this for a change once in awhile from plain water or flavored seltzers. I also make a flavored milk-like drink from 1/4 cup of heavy cream and about 6 oz of flavored seltzer water. I don't store this but make it when I need to get more fat in a meal or at the end of the day if my fat or calories for the day are too low.