New Diet Pepsi

Has anyone tried the new diet pepsi aspartame free using splenda. looks like they’ve add a bit more caffeine. I haven’t tried it yet wondering if the ‘splenda’ causes stomach issues? :frowning:

I haven’t seen it on the shelf yet, I will try it when it gets here. From what I know Splenda does not cause stomach issues, at least it never has for me.

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I use splenda every day. Does nothing to me except sweeten whatever I use it in or on.

Haven’t seen it yet, but will try it when I can…even though I vastly prefer diet coke/coke zero to diet pepsi (though I like pepsi max , that caffeine boost)

I’m not much of a soda drinker, but I tend to stay away from artificial sweetners. Maybe I will try it if I see it.