Diet, Health and the Wisdom of Crowds Video

Entertaining and fun to watch. This video is about why people are turning away from misguided “experts” and returning to the Wisdom of Crowds for advice on diet and health.

Knowledge is diffuse

When people in the crowd share and compare what they know, they often come up with better answers than the supposed experts.

Little groups of experts don’t have as much combined knowledge as the crowd.


Agree… thanks for sharing.

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Love it. Thanks!!

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Jim - thanks for posting that. Its well worth the watch.
While he was talking USDA I kept thinking ADA and the “treat to fail” step program for T2s. What a mess. - 9. Pharmacologic Approaches to Glycemic Treatment: Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes—2019 | Diabetes Care | American Diabetes Association

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@George44 @Jim26 @MM1 You’re all most welcome.

I think the reason this rings so true to all of us is that the vast majority of forum members have been given advice or instructions from learned “experts” that have proven over the long term to be ill-advised.

“The Vision of the Anointed” is clearly described, beginning at 11:30 of the video.

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Yes… I still remember the glossy handout with the food pyramid and meal exchanges, before carb counting.

He definitely got me thinking to the point I had to follow-up and try and find the diabetic cookbook from 1917.
Its pretty interesting especially page 12 - foods of great value and page 13 - foods strictly forbidden.

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This is the most entertaining video I’ve watched in a while. Thanks!

I’m not currently eating low-carb but I think about it often, because I’m fairly sure I’m going to have to turn back to it at some point if I ever want to lose weight.

Incidentally, The Wisdom of Crowds is in my to-read pile.


@George44 Wow, what a find. I could spend hours looking at this.

Some of the foods aren’t recognizable, for instance clabber . Who would have known that’s actually sour milk