Diet Soda

Hey guys .. i've a question .. recently I have been drinking too much diet sodas especially diet coke .. I was just wondering how bad could that be and does it affect my BG levels ??
Thank You !

Diet sodas are certainly better than regular sodas. But I think that there is a hierarchy of beverage nirvana and at the bottom is regular soda, followed by diet soda, then flavored water and at the top is just plain water (slightly chlorinated). If you seek beverage nirvana, you try to move up the pyramid.

And as to the effect of diet sodas, it is best to experiment on yourself and see. Some people will respond to caffeine and others may react to just the taste of sweetness.

Diet sodas never affected my BGs so I drank a lot of it at one point. Other than changes to your BG, I'm not sure what criteria you use to determine what too much is. For me, too much diet soda meant me spending more than 5 minutes a day picking up empty cans.

Well, champagne is beverage nirvana for me. Just saying. ☺

Only thing diet soda does to me is make me go pee, LOL! No effects on the blood sugar though.

I drank gallons of diet soda over the years. It never affected my blood sugar but I’m paying the price now with my bones. Soda of any kind is deadly for bone health. The increased acidity from the soda consumption causes your body to leach calcium from your bones in order to neutralize it. Drinking soda=bone loss.

Yes .. unfortunately I know that .. they also say that it can also mess u up when u get pregnant ! But it seems to be the only way to prevent myself from over eating .. instead i just over drink soda !

Diet cola has phosphoric acid and caffeine, but most other diet sodas like diet root beer, diet ginger ale, diet orange, etc. do not. So it is only diet colas (Coke, Pepsi, etc.) that are supposed to have the negative effect on calcium. If you don't care about the caffeine, then drinking these other diet sodas would work well.

Here's a link to a study that suggests that: HERE

On the other hand there have been studies that dispute these findings and suggest the only reason routine drinking of soda hurts bone health is because the soda drinkers are drinking less milk. (HERE)

Maybe not the best idea, but I personally drink diet soda every afternoon for the caffeine and fake sugar hit. I've considered replacing with coffee, but haven't been able to yet. Both coffee and tea are supposed to have health benefits (antioxidants), so it would seem that it would be smart to do this eventually.

Me too with all the soda's I've consumed and the bone issue.

It shouldn't affect your BG levels but it is full of sodium, which is not good for cholesterol and triglycerides

When I was younger, I worked in restaurants. One place, we had styrofoam cups and I kept track of how many diet cokes I had during a lunch shift, probably like 10:30-1:30 or something like that, and it was around 27. Admittedly, there was ice involved but still quite bit. When I started my "real job" in an office, I figured 4/ day would be about right and brought them and drank them but I've moved away from it and just have coffee in the AM and some vitamin water stuff @ lunch and maybe water or more coffee in the afternoon.

It's my only vice, lol I gave up smoking years ago, I don't drink all that much, so lol yeah diet soda is it. But I have cut back considerably from how many I used to drink.

I'm trying to quit it too right now but it's just that i've just begun recently controlling my blood sugar *still recovering from diabulemia* so i always feel like eating just about anything and then i remind myself that there's always diet soda that would fill my stomach and still i'd have no peaks in my bs !

I can only speak for myself but all I drink is diet pepsi and I have never had a raise in my bs from it...but everyone is different!