Testing Diet Soda

I was reading a fascinating article in Diabetes Health about testing Diet Soda for sugar. The person in the article noticed her BS levels would increase dramatically after drinking diet coke. So she used the urine test strips to test the diet coke for sugar and it was positive.

This article was written some time ago but I was wondering has anybody else experienced this and has anybody tested their diet soda?

This would be complete madness to drink diet soda and have it spiked with sugar......

I’ll help. My bg is 89 right now, and I’m drinking a 16.9oz (500ml) diet mountain dew. I’ll get back to you in 20 minutes.

Nope… no spike. 20 minutes later my BG is 67, a 22 point drop. If it acted like regular soda, I would be well over 180 right now. If its supposed to be a delayed rise in BG, I can’t test that, seeing as I have already corrected for the hypo.

I would understand if indeed it will spike bs.
Im not a soda drinker myself…but there are times I would go for some coke zero. First I make sure that the soda comes from an unopened can or bottle since I have had bad experiences from a vendo machine. I have not tested my diet soda…but there are many times I have checked my bs after taking the soda. So far, I have not shown any significant increase in bs. Then again, of course we react differently to soda.

I have heard about doing this with fountain drinks (like at fast food restaurants) because it’s possible that someone puts regular pop in the diet pop fountain. But I suppose this would be the exception and not something that occurs regularly. I think that it is much less likely with bottled pop.

thats what happened to the lady in the article. Coke was trying to say the sugar contamination was from the resturants and not from the factory. This really struck a cord in me since I am a big diet soda fan. I am really trying to curtail it with some success. I figure I could do my own testing ad see what happens … thx

If you want to test, just buy “Ketostix” and drip some of the beverage on it. If there is sugar in it, it will change color. Dr. Bernstein recommends this method.

That has happened to me several times…sometimes some servers doesnt really care, or probably was too busy or in a hurry to complete a job order. That’s why I stick to bottled or canned ones. Just to be sure.