Differences between old and new Omnipod

I've received the new pda and pods and tomorrow will need to change out to a new pod. I'm wondering if anybody has a list of info that is different between the two. I know the IOB is (hurrah!), but I thought I had read something about a new post-change alarm that occurs. Any info would be appreciated b/c I don't really want to read through the whole booklet they send when I know 95% of the system already.

The new system "reminds" you to check your blood after pod changes. You can set the PDM to vibrate instead of having the pod and pdm beep. I dont have the PDM with me all the time after a change so, vibrate is fine.

You can also set the pods to NOT beep after a bolus is delivered, (which I didn't like at first..thought I did something wrong) haha

The one difference I notice is that when the cannula inserts, the feeling is a little bit different (not painful) at least to me. Hard to describe....

Good luck and welcome to the club :)

I've only had the new pods, but it also seems that the BG readings are more accurate with the new PDM than the old system. I've tested mine against other meters and even the reading at my endo's office and it's pretty spot on.


IOB calculation is different, as you mentioned.
Additionally, the status screen will show you IOB all the time, too, which can be helpful (once you become acquainted with the way the calculation process works).

Insulet wants you to know the difference between the "ID screen", the "status screen" and the "Home screen". The previous version had the status and home screens. The ID screen is the annoying one that you must confirm any time you turn on the PDM (including to test BG with the meter when you stick a strip in, it will make you confirm before it proceeds).

There is an extra confirmation screen in the bolus entry process. You put in BG and carb total and it goes to the additional screen for you to confirm before it gives you any suggested bolus calcs.

If you do a temp basal, there's an extra screen that says "increase/decrease" and then after you hit that it gives you the option for total % (or U if you have it set up that way). The old way you just hit the up or down arrows for +/- basal. This new way is always a positive number, you just confirm on the first screen that you are "decreasing". To me this almost seems more confusing, but perhaps it's because I just am used to the other system (i.e. saying 'run temp basal at -50%' if I wanted to cut it rather than saying 'run temp basal by decreasing +50%').

You have to acknowledge a message on the PDM 1.5 hrs after changing a pod (that is asking you to check your BG for proper pod functionality). This cannot be turned off.

There are other smaller nuances in the alarms/reminders section. You can set up the PDM to vibrate instead of beep for certain alarms.

You are supposed to do the new pod priming process in a bit more structured way by placing the PDM directly next to the pod (while the pod is still in the packaging tray).

Those seemed to be the major functionality differences, IMO. I'm sure others may chime in with slightly different thoughts.

One's old and the other is new... *ducks*

And new one comes with a gel skin..

Thanks so much. That website is exactly what I needed. Too lazy to look for it.

Long-time, loyal customers can actually get the old ones.

Sorry, I'm a little pi$$ed at Insulet right now...

So can loyal people that dont take NO for an answer...It can be done

the old one came with a gelskin too lol

The as yet unanswered question is what happens if you want to stick with the old ones.

John Bowler

Thanks for the summary.

It's worth pointing out that very little if any of the information you posted is on the web site (i.e. the link you also posted). The Insulet web page just lists a couple of very obvious bugs in the old pod that they've fixed (saving a BG below the bolus limit and failing to tell you how many IU are cancelled when an extended bolus is terminated); the only other relevant thing is changing the backlight timeout.

John Bowler

You're out of luck. Per their website:
"Is it mandatory to switch to the new OmniPod?
Yes. At some point Insulet will discontinue production of the old OmniPod System. At that time we will work with any remaining users of the old OmniPod to make the transition to the new OmniPod."

But I wouldn't worry about that happening anytime soon...

We shall see. I just asked Byram Healthcare for a re-order - it's a little early because my last quarterly order was 4/11, but they pinged me about it a week or so ago so I figure they know what they are doing and can fill it.

If I've got this right (and I admit it's a crapshoot) I'll have enough old stock to last me through the screaming and shouting until the bugs have been worked out in the new system.

John Bowler

I love the Omnipod the only thing i notice is while the pod is priming I hear a click as if the cannula has deployed, I check and it hasn't (the old ones never made this click). Also, when I place the new pod, I pinch the skin around the pod, press the start button, it seems to make a double click. Has anyone else experienced these issues??

The click during priming is a spring wound around the reservoir plunger shaft that is releasing. Completely normal.

The cannula insertion is a two-step process, all controlled by a small lever-arm that turns around pivot from the 10 oclock position when cocked (before insertion) to the 2 oclock position when fully released. Half this turn pushes the soft cannula with a steel, sharpened needle into the skin; the second half of the turn pulls the needle back leaving the cannula behind.

Sometimes the mechanism gets stuck at the halfway point momentarily, so the return sounds like a second "click" during the cannula insertion. Even more rarely, sometimes it will get stuck and stay there -- a few taps on the pod will almost always get it unstuck.