New Omnipod PDM

Hey guys,

Does anyone know anything about the new pdm that will be coming out for the Omnipod. I went to a conference in Bethesda about a month ago and the rep said it would be out in early 2009 and a new pod will be out in late 2009. He said the new pdm looks like a blackberry and has a color screen similar to the new Animas 2020 and Ping. Anyone hear anything about this?

Hi Brian,
Not yet, but I am all ears. My paperwork for the OmniPod has just gone in. I am so excited.

Brian - I hadn’t heard this yet, but am eager to know more! Do you know any more real or rumored details? What upgrades are on the new PDM? Will we be able to trade our old PDM in for the new one, with a trade-in allowance for the old? Cahnges in the pod? How exciting - my mind is racing with all the possibilities!!! ( I know - I really need to get out more often…!)

A color screen would be great. The lighting in my office is horrible and I am constantly changing the angle ofmy PDM to read it. Leaving the backlight on just suck the life out of the batteries.


The rep did not give me any details on if current patients could trade in their old pdm. My guess is that you would be able to because the omnipod has the lowest start up cost of any other pump on the market. And if not the im sure the upgrade would not be too expensive compared to other pumps on the market. He did tell me that when the new pods come out current pateients would automatically get them when they order their supplies. As far as features, he didnt highlight anything specific so i would assume that the set-up will be very similar to the current pdm. He said it is mostly a cosmetic issue and the main component of the new pdm was to make it smaller and thinner. The new pods will also be smaller and thinner as well. Either way Omnipod is coming out with some very exciting things. They are also working to integreate the Dexcom with the Omnipod. He did not know when that would be out. But i will keep everything posted if i hear more.

This is exciting to hear!

I like the sound of the new PDM:) Yeppie:)

I’m in the process of getting the Omnipod and my rep said the upgrade would be 300 or less for the new PDM upgrade.


Did the rep say when the upgrade would be out for the public?

I’ve seen it once, a couple of months ago. Yes, it does somewhat resemble the Blackberry Pearl, and it does have a color screen. Beyond that I’m not sure of what other changes it will offer. Can’t wait to get one.


No she said that she hasnt heard when it would be or if it would even be in 2009.

I went on a tour of the Insulet plant back in June. At that time they talked about the new PDM and said it will be announced in August of this year (I wonder what the delay is?). I did not get to see a prototype just a picture on the new packaging. If I remember right it will be a little smaller, have the color screen and have better software/download capability (could that be the hold up?).

I also got to see a prototype of the proposed new pod. It looks exactly like the current one except it was 37% smaller. It will still hold the 200 units and have the automatic cannula insertion. I won’t hold my breath for that either knowing how long the delays are for any new medical device nor will I be surprised if it is different from what I saw.

I have been using the pod since mid-May and have no plans on changing so any new hardware will be great.

Im hoping that the new pdm will have better buttons that you don’t have to bush down as hard on. Is it just me or does that get a little annoying? Also, i hope that the new pod will have less oclussion problems, those two things are the only things that anny me about this awesome system.

I use the Pod. My MD asked me last tuesday if I would change from the pump to the Pod again. I had to answer honestly that I would not.

The canula is too short, the adhesive fails too many times. I use an IV Prep before inserting and that does help. The software sucks and you have to have Excel on your computer to use it.

Many improvements need to be made. The reason I have stayed with it is that I had constant problems with my insulin ( I use ONLY Novalog) crystilizing in the tubing.

I believe Insulet should listen more attentively to its consumers. Maybe send out a survey and I KNOW we can tell them what needs to be “fixed”

How about this group puting something together that we could with one voice let Insulet know that we WANT the Pod but they also have to lister to the users in order to get the improvements that the Pod needs?


Wow, that sounds awesome! I had to stop using my OmniPod because the pod was too thick to wear anywhere but my abdomen, and I was getting scar tissue. So I hope they’ll work on flattening the pod a little bit too!

The new OmniPod color PDM will be out in June. I am friends with the OmniPod rep for Atlanta and he told me this yesterday. I just switched from the Animas 2020 to the OmniPod. There will be a upgrade fee of $299. It will have the organic color display that the Animas 2020 has. I can’t wait. I have been diabetic for 46 years. I’ll try to find a picture of it and post.

The Pod will be reduced in size in about 3 months. They are going from the circuit board that they use now to a microchip and going to 3 batteries instead of 4.

I recently got to “play” with the new PDM and the pod during a visit to Insulet.

The PDM is about the same size as the current one. To me the biggest change, aside from the color screen, was that the PDM will now take meal bolus in to account with insulin on board. Currently, only a correction bolus is counted for insulin on board. For example, utilizing a glucose target of 100 mg/dl and a 30 g CHO meal with a 1:10 ratio and a blood sugar of 100 mg/dl, the insulin on board, even minutes after the bolus would be ZERO! After using Animas and MM, that was something I really had to take into account when calculating a bolus. The color screen is nice, but I would describe it more like a Palm pilot screen than the Animas 2020 or Ping. The carbohydrate database is still useless. The PDM is apparently more durable; I cracked a screen and ruined another one by getting it slightly wet (that was annoying). The new PDM will still use the original Freestyle test strips (vs. the Freestyle Lite with no coding), but this is probably a good thing for Abbott Navigator users, who also use the old Freestyle strips. Still no “strip light,” this is my favorite feature of the Freestyle Lite.

I would be careful about quoting dates for release of either the new PDM or redesigned pod. I don’t believe that it has yet been approved by the FDA and all bets are off until you actually get that. I have seen many drugs or devices ready to be released and get pulled at the last minute (Rimonabant, Ruboxistaurin, Galvus, Muraglitazar, etc, etc, etc). The software upgrade will probably be delayed until the Pod is integrated with the Navigator - they will eventually utilize the Co-Pilot software, which is pretty nice.

I just received my new Omnipod and the buttons are sticky. I love the system and being free. I have been on all of the Minimed Pumps since the 507 all the way to 522.
The buttons are indeed a bit annoying.

This is not abut the new PDm but the current one. I have been using it for about a week and love it. My only issue is the black marks that sometime appear within the corners of the screen. Left side…like dead pixels…
Sometimes they go away… is this normal? I have 2 PDM’s and it’s happening in both