Changes made to the current PDM


After starting on OmniPod in April of 2014, my PDM died on me. Insulet sent me a replacement free of charge overnight since I was still in the warranty period. A couple of things I’ve noticed after using the new PDM for a bit vs. the old one are:

Good: I’m one of those persons who try to wear each pod for the full 80 hours. With the old PDM, the pod would sound its beep beep beep beep alert every hour after 72 warning me that I was now in the 8-hour grace period. With the new PDM, I’ve discovered that the warning alarm is only sounded at hour 72, is quiet from hours 72-79, and then sounds again each 15 minutes during the 80th last hour. This is a welcome change for me as it no longer sounds its warning every hour, on the hour, while in the grace period.

Bad: After injecting insulin into a new pod and hearing the 2 beeps, I found that I now need to have the pod physically sitting on top of the PDM for them to successfully communicate with each other. If the pod is placed to the right of the PDM (and they are even touching each other), that now seems to be “too far” away for the synchronization to take place. With the old PDM, I only needed to have the pod within an inch or two of the PDM for the synchronization to occur.


You should call Insulet about your PDM needing to be so close to the Pod. There is something wrong and they should send you another replacement.

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I had a similar situation, and noticed a few minor changes to the new PDM as well. I agree with Rose that somethings wrong with your new PDM – mine still activates and primes the pod just fine sitting within a few inches of it.

Since I created this thread, I experienced a pod that failed to initialize correctly. When I pressed the PDM button to start the priming process, the pod clicked 4 or 5 times and then just stopped working. The PDM went though its steps and thought the pod was just fine. I tried using the pod anyway, but it failed to shoot out the cannula. I just got off the phone with Insulet and a new PDM replacement along with 1 pod should arrive tomorrow. While talking with customer support, I was startled to learn that the PDM and pod should be able to sync up when quite a bit apart. I’m not sure exactly what she quoted me now, but I think she indicated that a separation of up to 20 inches should be OK.