Different feelings

So I figured I would ask a question related to how people feel when low…

I have been D for 17 years and lately within the last 12 months noticed that sometime when I test, my blood sugar is low (below 60) and I feel NORMAL" other times if its that low I can barely stand, Does anyone else seem to experiance blood sugars that are low and that effect you differently everytime you may check and have this number.

Last Thursday I was running around crazy trying to get my old apartment cleaned out to turn the keys in, I was done doing so in about half an hour, had a dentist appt. Then went home, tested because I was hungry and my BG was 27, First I wondered why, because I felt fine. I quickly got it up, and now I am curious if this happens to anyone else?

I have had this happen on several occasions, with having a low number (not 27) and feeling normal, not the usual low feeling.

I’ve definitely had situations where I am low, like in the 40s, and feel nothing. These are not typical and usually I am engaged in some other activity when it happens that is distracting me- just like your situation with the 27 (btw, !!!). Once I see the number on my meter and concentrate a bit, I can begin to notice the usual symptoms. I usually feel lows beginning at the point where my meter reads in the low 80s or upper 70s. In any event, this is one reason I am using a CGMS.