Do you ever feel low with Normal Glucose readings?

Just curious, I posted a blog today, but did not find a lot of research in the medical community regarding feeling low when tightening glycemic control.
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Thanks for any stories to support this theory.

I always thought of this as common wisdom. I find it very interesting that you found little research supporting this and even stranger that you found a paper on the topic by A T Hattersley, basically the worlds leading research on MODY.

Are you insulting me? Just trying to get others thinking my friend.

In all seriousness I have been D for 29 years and there have been plenty of times I thought I was low and I was over a hundred. I think it has to do with the fear of having an insulin reaction

Yes, the other day I thought I was a little low but my bs was 105. I went out on Sat and picked up my clothing at the cleaners and had a low. I took some glucose tablets and checked my bs when i got home. It was 84 so I know I must have been hitting in the sixties.

When I first got my pump I suddenly went under really tight control which caused low feelings even though my sugars were as high as 210. As I got tighter control more consistently, the low feeling correlated better to my actual numbers, but now I feel low at higher numbers again once I stopped being in such good control of my BG…

I tend to do that when I’ve been running high for awhile. Sometimes, I’ve been over 200 and thought I was low only because I was coming down from 4 or 500.

Yes. When I first went on my pump I did all the time. I was coming from an A1c of 10.4. To run normal BGs made me feel low all the time for about a week, then sporadically for weeks after.

Yes, I sometimes feel low when my BG reads over 100. The low feeling is most likely caused by BG dropping more than 30 points. I take Smarties to raise it about 10 points when I feel low. That way, I feel better and my BG doesn’t go up too high.

Yeah - it’s happened to me - that I think I’m low and then haul out the vampire machine - and I’m normal. Stress, etc. can fool you. Had a T2 friend one time all in a panic thinking she was low - and wanting a juice (she was my partner in a cleaning business - and frankly she pissed me off that she was always claiming being low - just to get out of dirty jobs that I always ended up doing). Anyway, I told her to test BG - she did - and she was 150!!! She seemed all shocked, but I told her to always test - unless she was about to pass out - then just stuff your face - and test later.

Oh definitely! Usually I “feel” low when I’m trending down. I may test in time to catch myself at “normal” i.e. 120, 100, but inevitably I’m trending down, so my body is letting me know. Is this what you mean?

Last time when I was fasting for the blood samples. It felt low although without seeing stars or somesort of kladeioscopic effect which always occur during a real low. My meters accucheck and one touch read 7.6 and 8.2 I said hooey. But the lab test came back at 8.1mmol/L ie 145 mg/dL so the meters were much better than usual in the comparison.

I don’t really understand this. Possibly I was heading low and the liver dumped some glucose and overcompensated. Used to happen in the old days with vigorous exercise.

Hi, I just saw this post as i posted a similar discussion today. I agree that when I am steep dropping it will feel low even when its not BUT i am hot on the trail of believing that it is a, what I would call, “a fibulating” feeling, like something inside is spasming or something…I think it has to do with a nutrient of some sort.
I know calcium is a mineral of the universe, meaning that they even find calcium in space, soo…I am wondering about that. I know that if you dont have calcium, then alot of other processes (nutrient) processes will not work as well…

I rarely feel when my bgs were high. Before dx I probably had quite high bgs for a long time and had no idea because I had no symptoms. When I first started to test I would get those “false hypos” at 180 . Little by little my body got used to the lower bgs. Now I rarely feel that feeling until I hit the mid 70’s. The only time I will feel it is if I overeat carbs and spike higher than usual and crash rather quickly. I think it is the crash that I feel.

I sometimes feel low with normal bg when I had been running high. There have also been a few times when I have been anxious or nervous about something (like a job interview). The anxiety makes me feel differently than I normally do, and I have mistaken that for a low once or twice.

I feel this all the time and it is usually when my blood sugar is on the move. When it starts to go down it can move pretty quick, I don’t get my usual low symptoms but I get the sensation that I need to check my sugar. When people ask me about how I know what my sugar is without testing, I tell them, there are four different feelings that I get: one when my sugar is high, low, changing (up or down), and normal. For me each feeling is very different, and I can even give a pretty accurate guess as to what my meter will say before I even test(usually within a point or so). Is anyone else like this, or am I just hyper-sensitive??

I know that feeling well! I was 10 years into diabetes (had all the symptoms, no one bothered to pick up on it!) and would often feel “Low” when I was normal. I was told that it was because my body had been used to being high for so long that to me, it was low.

It took some juggling and then it settled down.

I also feel low if my sugar levels are dropping fast! Even if they are still high.

Unfortunately I also reacted badly to all the human insulins they put me on and I had to fight like a dog to get put on to pork insulin for four years! Much better but my diabetes nurse dropped me - because I wanted to try the pork insulin.

I had to change hospitals, now a 45 mile bus journey each way for appointments, but that is okay. They at least accept my need to be on pork insulin and understand how it works. They have advised that I let my sugars run a bit higher for the next few months to see if I can get any awareness back! Still no joy, but also sometimes feeling low at normal.

I still sometimes feel a bit low even when I am normal, but my biggest problem is that there is no warnings of real lows now (because of the human insulins) and I will feel fine one minute and then become a jibbering wreck when I get to 1.2mmols!