Do you always feel low when your numbers are low?

If I get lows it normally happens around lunch time. We have already lowered my morning insulin to adjust. Most of the time when I am in the low 70’s hi 60’s I can tell with either bad hunger or I get the shakes or anxiousness. Today I took my blood sugar at lunch at it was 60. I have never been that low especially without feeling it. Why?? Has it ever happened to you? Could it have something to do with cold weather???

my lows used to be in the a.m. but yes I’ve had lows that I couldn’t feel. Sometimes my husband will notice before I do, and once he came home from work and found me sprawled out on the floor. i asked my endo about it and she said I was a “brittle diabetic”. most times I do feel it, but not all. I’ve never noticed anything about the weather though. but good luck to you

I can be well into the 40’s before I “feel” it. Especially if I am really concentrating on work or something, Often, in that case, I’ll finally notice that I can’t read, the words are jumping around on the page. Or I just can’t seem to do something that I should be able to do.

It’s scary, especially since I live alone (the cat’s just kinda give me an “Excuse me, but WTF are you doing?” look) and I can’t make the rational connection that I need to get some carbs

The lower your BG average runs, the lower you normally have to be in order to “feel” it… it’s kinda scary, which is why it is so important to test regularly, especially as you are about to drive or do any other activity (or go to sleep) through which you could yourself and/or others at risk.

I can be 30 and not feel it. The symptoms usually hit me after I treat and I’m on my way up, it’s like a delayed reaction. This happens to me several times/week…you’d think my insurance would realize I need a CGM! Still waiting.

I have felt lows in the past and have popped a tablet or 2 and all is right with the world :slight_smile:
What you say about the averages being lower makes a lot of sense now that my averages have dropped since being diagnosed…
I test before every meal (and when the wife thinks I should)
Its amazing how much more I am taking cues from my body
It was right before I ate and my lows happen mid morning right before lunch.
Sometimes I feel something and if I am running around and do not have the time to test but knowing my patterns I take a tablet and I perk right up then before lunch I test.
Its never more than 20-30 min before lunch that this happens.
Thank you all for your replies!!!
Glucose tablets to the rescue again!!!