Difficulty with insertion of Medtronic CGM?

Hi everyone. I have had a Medtronic CGM for four years (using Paradigm 722). Recently (past few months) have been having increasing difficulty getting the needle to go all the way in on insertion. So I called the help line, was told it was "scar tissue", however they agreed to send me a new inserter. Same thing is happening with the new inserter. The needle goes about half way in and stops. I end up wasting sensors. I ended up talking with a Medtronic clinical rep in my area who re-taught me how to do it (I was doing it exactly as she described). No help. Does anyone else have this problem?

some resources in these groups

I had the same problem w/ the inserter a while ago and started rolling my finger more onto the end, rather than the pad, to push it, which seems to press it more quickly and cut off any flinching or whatever I thought might be contributing to it. I also got a new inserter but went back to the old one b/c I liked the feel of it.

I’m sure I’m flinching at this point, because I’m scared I will have to insert multiple times. I will certainly try your suggestion. I know that it’s not possible it’s 100% me because of how many times its failed to
Go in. Sometimes three and four attempts. Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

can you get the doc to prescribe Emla cream, which is a lidocaine/prilocaine cream, so you won't feel anything? you put it on an hour before.

It really isn’t the pain that’s a problem. It’s more that the needle only goes half way, and I don’t think you can manually insert the sensors because they bend and then they don’t work.

I had that problem with accurate insertion of the sensor, wasted so many sensors I stopped using the CGM for a while, out of frustration. I make sure that the I rotate the sites, and although not recommended by MM, I will put the CGM in my tush, more fat there-LOL. Also make sure that the area of skin is moisturized, not slick greasy, but not dry skin either. Dry skin seems to be more resistant to insertion, in my case. I have not tried Acidrock's suggestion, but I am due for a CGM change today, and I will try that technique.
God bless