CGM Insertion

Does anyone use the CGM for the Medtronic pump? Why is it every time I wear it, I'm sore for three days. My hands tremble when I insert it and I break out in a cold sweat. Is there a comfortable place to insert it besides a sharps container?

I put it behind my arms just where the tricep is. I find it is most accurate there are well.
I am never sore from it even when I put in my abdomen. I also do not use the incerter, I think I can manage it better by pushing it in, It takes getting used to tho.

I'm with you, brother. I'm 5'10" and 140 pounds so I don't have much in the way of fat to put it in. Yesterday when I put in a new one I'll bet it took 45 minutes to build up the courage to push the inserter's "white button of breath-taking pain." It usually takes 2 or 3 hours until the pain of the introducer spike, er, needle goes away.

My endocrinologist is pretty cool. Even though she isn't a diabetic she has tried giving herself shots, attaching pump cannula's (using saline) and doing finger sticks so she'd have an idea of what she is asking her patients to do. I had to laugh when she admitted she didn't have the courage to insert a CGM sensor.

You are not alone. I hate it too, but once the pain is gone I think it is worth it when I can see how my BG is doing with the touch of a button. That said, I'll be more than delighted when the new Enlite sensor hits the market.

I'm not a big fan of it but am totally addicted to the data stream, imperfect though it may be. By day six, it's sort of "wearing out" and I'm ready to get a fresh one.

I sometimes think inserting the sensor is a form of medieval torture. Sensor insertion is sometimes the least favorite event of my week. Like Acid rock, I find the data very valuable and think it is worth the pain.

I find that my site may be sore for up to 30 minutes and then the pain is minimal unless bumped. Unless I hit a bloodvessel or something else that I shouldnt.

THANK YOU!!! I was approved through my insurance for a Dexcom, because the warranty was up on my Medtronic sensor. No comparison! The Dexcom feels just like taking a regular shot! SOOOOOOO much easier to insert!

Yes, the info gathered from it is amazing! The Dexcom is great. It doesan't hurt at all, but the Medtronic sensor is brutal. I have heavily bled when inserting, taking it out, a lot. When it was in< I love the info and see what's going on in me throughout the day. That is why I tried the Dexcom. 1,000,000,000,000,000x better!

Yeah, I just got a Dexcom, and it is perfect! I have a skinny frame too, and honestly man, the Dexcom just feels like taking a shot. And you do not have to see a pencil-sized needle going into you! Dexcom is definatlyworth looking into!

Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't that hurt? I saw someone do that on a video, and I cringed!

I use the ENLITE sensor and the insertion mechanism is soo much easier, and steadier, to use. Although it isn't perfect (they have made this custom tape to fix it to the skin that literally cuts into my skin after a couple of days wear= soreness) but it certainly makes insertion a lot easier!