"Dirty" Tubing?

Yesterday morning I noticed that the tubing on my pump looked really “dirty” to me - kind of brownish if I held it against a white backdrop. My morning blood sugars were fine, but then after lunch they were elevated and remained that way. I changed my infusion site around 4:00 (the site looked fine - not really red and no bleeding). It took awhile (until the middle of the night) for my numbers to return to normal, but today I noticed that the tubing looks dirty again! However, my blood sugars today have been great so far. Has anyone else experienced this? I use the all-in-one Insets.

Hi Christina,
could you take a picture to the tubing?


Yes, I was thinking after that I should’ve included a picture! Here’s the tubing that I’m currently using, and my blood sugars have been normal…it just looks so dirty to me!
4261-DSC_7688.JPG (4.06 MB)

Wow, interesting! How does the insulin in the cartridge look? It’s hard to tell from the pic, but it looks as if the brown coloring is uneven and that it’s clear close to the infusion site? If so that would lead me to consider the cartridge rather than something (like blood) happening at the site. I would do a thorough check on all the variables: cartridge, insulin itself in the vial, unused tubing, etc. If the problem continues I would definitely call Animas. Whatever is happening could definitely make you vulnerable to infection. Let us know what happens.

Ok, that looks weird weird weird…bluck!
Call someone!

Well, when I changed the cartridge before the insulin in the cartridge looked clear. It does look uneven throughout, which makes me wonder if something just got on the outside somehow - dye from my clothing or something? But, I don’t know why I haven’t noticed until now!! Thanks for your input - I may give Animas a call tomorrow and see what they say.

Oh, that actually makes sense! Did your clothing get wet? See if it comes off when you rub it on the outside. It sure makes more sense than the alternative!

I called Animas today and they said that since the tubing was clear initially, it was sterile to begin with so the coloring must be due to clothing rubbing on it. I still think that sounds weird because I’ve been wearing the same clothes - but maybe it has to do with the fact that it’s warmer out now? The rep did say that they’ve received other calls about this. It wouldn’t come off when I tried rubbing it with a damp paper towel.

So there you have it! I still think it looks gross…

strange, strange, strange…lol. But as long as it is not a problem, it’s not!

I don’t know how you feel about ‘wasting’ insulin…but could you prime a bit of it through the tubing and into a clear glass? That way you might see if the color is in the insulin itself or not…

I’m pretty sure the color is not the color of the insulin because I’ve checked the remaining insulin when changing cartridges, and it is clear. Which, I guess, is good! I’d rather a dirty tube than dirty insulin!