Insulin pump tubing turning black?

Just when I thought I “knew it all” something unexpected happened. I was about to go to sleep when my boyfriend said, “Why is your pump tubing black?” At first I thought that it was just reflecting my clothing but upon further inspection I found out that wasn’t it. Needless to say I changed my site and my tubing just to keep things hunky dory. I even washed the outside of the tubing but it was still black. Had anyone else had this problem with any pump?

Maybe from some kind of dye in your clothing? Did you wear it with new clothing, dark colored, etc?

I know it’s 4 years after the post and it’s just happened to me. Definetly not clothing - it’s also from the top of the reservoir and stops about 10cm from the clip onto the shorter tube. Have changed to fresh everything - I’ve got an appointment with my nurse tomorrow and am going to take it to show her.