Today was the first day on Olivia's new insulin. I guess I was hoping for great numbers, but got the opposite! Her numbers today started out fine, but continued to climb after her afternoon snack. Bedtime was a 340!!!

Maybe her body is adjusting, maybe we calcuated carbs wrong, maybe ...maybe... maybe. I just checked her at midnight and she was 169 (now I can be less worried) and I will be checking her again at 3am. We will see what tomorrow brings and if her numbers are still wack then we will be contacting Pittsburgh. I feel very sad.

Hey Rhonda, Sorry to hear about the out come of the new insulin.Is it getting any better?I had really outrages numbers on lantis . So i went back to my old insulins. My call lucky it did not mess up my hemo a1c its still 6.5. I guess i know my own better than my old endo lol:) hope to be pumping real soon like my brother. He is on cgm and just loves it. Would not have it any other way. He is truely my inspriration to keep going and keep our wish a reality a cure with in our lifetime. Take care need a talk i am hear for you and Olivia niters Melissa

I switched to Lantus after 35 years of NPH and regular. It took me 6 months to figure out that the Lantus was not lasting me the full 24 hours. I took it at night and would have severe lows overnight and then sky high after dinner way over 300’s as well. I was also very sad. I started the Lantus when it first came out and read on other websites to try splitting the Lantus and take every 12 hours which worked much better for me. It still is not the end all, nothing really is, but I still feel it was better than NPH and regular. Hope things get better.