NPH is history!

Our little Olivia’s doses have changed again. It seems like every other week we are starting back at zero, trying to get her blood sugar readings under control. She now will only be on Novolog with meals and Levemir twice a day. Right now her numbers are on the high side, but we just started this today and our endo said that he wants us to start with small amounts of insulin and slowly increase until we come up with something that keeps her regulated through-out the day. But when I see a 306 tonight at bedtime, it just makes me feel so frustrated, stressed, and defeated!

Some Pros…

  1. Getting her blood sugars more consistent/regulated - ofcourse the top priority is Olivia’s health.
  2. A little more flexibility - with NPH we were on a pretty strict schedule.
  3. The peaking of NPH was unpredictable

Some Cons…

  1. Additional injection of insulin at lunch time.
  2. Worry of giving control to someone else for Olivia’s care (even though I know that they will do a good job - I will still worry about not being there). I probably should put this as a positive since it is my in-laws who stepped up to take care of Olivia while my husband and I are at work. I trust them, but it doesn’t stop me from worrying. That’s what moms do right?

my daughter is 17 (not diabetic) but i still worry. i still check to see what she is wearing every day before she steps outside, i still monitor who she is with and she has to call whenever she goes someplace or changes where she is going. as a mother, we NEVER stop that worrying.

hang in there hon. I know its easier said than done though.allisons numbers are bouncing up again I will probably be increasing her humalog to.I know you have your in-laws practicing how to take care of her.but you know what … your a mom with a diabetic child ,and no matter what ,you are going to worry. once they have watched her a few times ,they will get the hang of it.your probably having one of my "melt downs ".I let my self have one once a month.(with out anyone seeing of course )hope things get better.

Ronda, I went through all this when I changed from NPH and regular (35 years) over to Lantus and humalog, it was nightmarish to me as well, so I can only imagine what you feel as you try to help your daughter. It took me 6 months to work out my Lantus needs and I did it on my own and read on the internet about splitting the dosage, something my endo was not even aware of, so it sounds like the medical community realizes that these insulins don’t work 24 hours for all people, it also sounds like you have a very good endo, who is starting out with small dosages. Did you correct the 300 with another shot, that truly is the only way with this kind of insulin schedule. You are on the right track and yes it is more shots, I went from two shots a day to 5-7 and then finally pumping. I hope and pray you find the right dosages soon and just remember you will find them. Just remember with diabetes every day is different and it is not an exact science, but you will get closer to better numbers soon. The 300 is either for not using the right insulin to carb ratio for dinner or from not having the right amount of Levemir and that is something that you will figure out eventually. Was she normal going into dinner and at two hours, if so then her units of Levemir are not correct.