Discrimination of Type 2 Diabetics?

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

type 11, 06, I had a great job back then until my old boss let me go said I needed time to get my meds on track and come back later… I called in the fall he wouldnt return my calls Yes I filed a disc against him but by the time I did it time had expired? so I lost . Now im disabled and can’t work many other issues.
and for those who think sitting home all day is fun…wrong …but keep plugging away at it…

have fun enjoy your day…I might get out and go shopping??? yahoooo

Did they ever do anti-body testing on you? With your family history of Type 1, it wouldn’t be too off base for you to be a LADA (Type 1 in adulthood) instead… it comes on slow, and sometimes even responds to orals, before it just won’t anymore… and a honeymoon phase of good or semi-decent numbers can often last years… You’re newly diagnosed enough that it could be.

Wonderful… It’s encouraging to see you have such a thorough doctor. :slight_smile:

The causes of Type 2 Diabetes are, at this time UNKNOWN. Obesity is merely a correlated factor at this time… And less obesity may improve insulin resistance to some degree, in ALL human beings… regardless of whether or not they have Diabetes. It is NOT a cause of Diabetes, nor losing the weight is a cure.

Thanks for your words of wisdom and compassion, Brunetta. I’m sure they mean a lot to a lot of people!
Natalie ._c-

So many Type 1’s moan and cry about how no one understands Type 1, but here you are, flaunting your ignorance about Type 2.
If the number one cause of Type 2 was obesity, how come there are so many obese people walking around WITHOUT Type 2? FAIL!
Just because YOU have never met a lean Type 2 simply shows the limits of your experience – there are a number of lean Type 2s right here on TuDiabetes. Your personal experience is limited anecdotes, not scientific, so is worth nothing.
Also, how do YOU know that Type 2’s who take care of their bodies are a minority? Have you done a study?
What you are doing is simply airing your personal prejudices, so don’t be surprised if you don’t get a warm response to them.

Just make sure that the docs continue to keep an eye on you. Something like 20% of LADAs present with NO antibodies, and no one knows why.
But when push comes to shove, just make sure you get the appropriate treatment – if the time comes for insulin, go for it, and do everything you need to to stay healthy!

Ahhh Rebecca…what can I say other than EDUCATE YOURSELF!! But…that said, you’re in great company!
Great being the quantity of people who refuse to look beyond! You’re RIGHT HERE smack dab in a site that CAN educate you about type 2, with loads of thin type 2…and it has no bearing! So I ask…what’s the point!

"So many Type 1’s moan and cry about how no one understands Type 1, but here you are, flaunting your ignorance about Type 2."

I can certainly understand your frustration in combating the misinformation of the causes of Type 2 diabetes. And I can also understand how deeply we can feel cut by insensitive comments because of how personal diabetes is as a disease. What I don’t understand is how you can decry the insensitive comments while making one in the same sentence as the one above? About a month ago I read comments on a discussion (perhaps this is the same one) which made me follow some of the comments on the Type 2 discussion groups where I also read some comments that you have posted about Type 1s. What I can say is that as a Type 1, I found your comments equally as offensive. Combatting ignorance and insensitive comments is necessary, but comments like the one above are counterproductive. It’s hard enough to muster the energy to bring about awareness after all of the daily grind that we go through with this disease, but this is just wasted energy. And it really breaks my heart to see everyone just going after each other. These arguments inevitably open up the perpetual argument of “who has it worse” and the “blame game”.

I hesitated to even post this because it might go on to inflame these arguments; perhaps today is my bad day with a low threshold for the things I take too much to heart.

So what is insensitive about mentioning the fact that there are MANY posts here about how people don’t understand Type 1? And the author of the post that said obesity is the prime cause of Type 2 does NOT know what she’s talking about.
And it is possible that I let off some steam about the repeated blame and shame game directed at Type 2’s and obese people. The ironic part is that I’m not obese, and not a classic Type 2, but I will admit that the negativity does sometimes make me blow my cool. And I don’t think I’m at all insensitive to Type 1’s, not when 2 CDEs and my endo are trying to tell me I am one. (Which I don’t accept – I’m a Type Weird, and go both ways)
I generally don’t see Type 2’s going after Type 1’s – but I see a LOT of it going the other way. Perhaps your own personal viewpoint doesn’t allow you to see it the way other people see it. You certainly don’t understand my viewpoint.

Well… You are right.

If you weren’t right, there wouldn’t be TONS of threads like this one, where us Type 2’s constantly have to defend ourselves, and fight, against people making comments from the mildly uneducated, to the prejudiced and highly offensive.

I try not to go around reminding people that this is true (that we are the constant butt of prejudice, insensitivity, and off the cuff remarks by Type 1s on this site, cus then they claim I’m the one being biased, or insensitive… And I am tired of the fighting…) But I have long felt that… maybe we need our own site. I come here for support, and instead, I leave with heartache most of the time.

Many days I want a different name for our disease, not because I believe they are different disease (which they are emphatically not), but because I don’t want to be associated with the attitudes, the pity parties, the childishness, the offensive prejudice and vitriol, etc…

I want to be a part of a community who’s not going out fighting ignorance about Diabetes by feeding others even MORE ignorance, like “Can’t you cure your Diabetes with herbal remedies?” – “No, that’s Type 2…” LOL That is NO Type of Diabetes that I know of. None of it has a cure. lol But I guess they get so disgusted that they have to say that kind of crap reply, and they do it a lot, and they share it with each other a lot, on here… sigh “That is their Diabetes,” they love to say…

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want a divorce. For what it’s worth, I’m sorry if I offend anyone… I just think us Type 2s need our own site, instead.

I agree with the different name thing. I was thinking at least something cooler, like Type X or something more marketable would be useful but really, it would be good to go to some greek root to come up with something to describe the two conditions separately. Reading the blurbs on say Wikipedia, defining the diseases, it’s totally apparent that the pathologies are completely different. I would say that y’all can have diabetes if you want and we can come up with something else for a change? Maybe it would be better to come up with a new name for T2 though and do some marketing?

Another thing that pops into my mind would be to have an “executive” solution where the management would just aggressively delete the hell out of threads like this for a week or two to see how it might change the character of the dialogue on the site, perhaps in the hopes of achieving some type of “progress”?

Yes, acidrock… I completely agree with the the deletion of all these types of threads… this thread, right now, is like an endless self-feeding loop… the same stuff, over and over, and over again…

To me, Rome doesn’t stop being Rome just because two people took two different roads to get there. That’s how I personally view THAT part of things if you would.

You guys can keep Diabetes, since we are constantly told we don’t have “real” Diabetes. lol

imagine my despair, in wanting to write a post seeking support for a terrible past 3 months, fear of scheduling yearly blood work/A1C, and the ensuing dr appt, when in fact I AM obese! 124lbs less than at diagnosis last year at this time in January, and yet still obese. Does anyone not realize that I fight this blame game within myself, MINUS anyone pointing it out to me? I don’t know how I got here. But I AM here. Everyone on this site is HERE. We’re all fighting to live. Does it make a type 1’s feeling of injustice less, by pointing out that a type 2 had more control over this awful sentence. Do they really have any control? I can say I don’t feel any less sympathy for a type 2, than I do a type 1. We’re all in the boat now. None of it is fair. Anyhow, many have said,if it’s eating, lack of exercise, and obesity, then why are there thin type 2’s, and obese people free from diabetes? I’m no scholar, and that just doesn’t make sense to me.

no no, you guys can have "diabetes", the way Wilford Brimley says it.

We will take Disease Fly Like a G6!

You rock losing 124 lbs!! I think there are thin T2’s and heavyset “straight” people without diabetes, not that there’s anything wrong with that, because of the underdiscussed genetic components of the condition.

Yeah, you guys need more supplies than us... so you can keep him, too. lol And the little flavor of the month supplies. :D Even the cats that looks like Wilford Brimley... lol

Let Mr. " Beetus" beat us into ROTFL!! I am in tears…thanks Acid rock.!!

God Bless, Brunetta