Discussion Topics

I want this to be a resource place for Insulin dependent T2 and I am wondering what topics you would like to see discussed here.

I would love to keep this group interesting so that we see a lot of action. If there is anything you would like to bring before the group, A news article pertaining to T2 and insulin perhaps or maybe helpful information about diet, or exercise.

I would love to see members share their experience here on things like how you cope with the stress or how you deal with the blame that is unfairly heaped an T2'2.

Please help bring out the potential of this group.

The blame game is one thing about this that REALLY irks me! People can be so ignorant, including some other diabetics. We need to keep on educating people about T2!

I hate the blame game too. I know that we as T2's can and do sometime hasten the progress of our disease but I also feel that the current oral medicine method that most doctors prefer just sets a T2 up for failure. I tried to ignore my D for a long time but I don't feel at blame for it.