Helping each other!

As you can see I've been making a few post here in this group lately. I think we can help each other. We as T'2s on insulin are in a slightly different place than those that are on oral meds alone. We are experiencing the same problems as all T'2 but we also have one foot in the T1 world in that we use insulin and have to deal with the dosing issues and the highs/lows that come with insulin use.

So I have started a few discussions hoping to get some chatter started within this group. But I need your help. If you have questions please ask. Or if you have answers then please join in.

I think we can help each other so please come and be part of the discussion.

Gary S

As for comparing to a T1, I'm not to that point yet. Since I only inject insulin once a day, Levemir at night, I have not worries about lows. Even when I am in tight control, which isn't very often, I seldom get below 100.