Disney World and pumping insulin

Hi all.

I have been diabetic for 15 years and have been to Disney World multiple times on MDIs. I started on the pump about a month ago and will be visiting Disney World in September, so this is the first time going with my pump.

I was just wondering if anyone else has ever been there with a pump and if you had any advise for me?? I’m a little concerned about the carb counting when I’m eating as I cannot get a nutrition guide beforehand, and apparently can’t get one while I’m there. So I’m having to do some research before we go so that I can pretty much guess on food. It’s not as bad as it sounds, but I was just wondering if anyone else, young or old, has gone with a pump before and any suggestions you might have for me. Thanks!

Like have been their several times on MDIs. If you get any questions I would think your travil info you got with your pump would be enough info for them I will get you through airport securty.

Hey Anna,
I think you will do just fine at DW. I happen to have had a VERY bad experience there several years ago and ended up in DKA, but this didn’t directly have anything to do with DW-- my insulin just got hot or went bad or something and I was up the creek. So, when I saw your discussion, I had to reply because it’s such a weird coincidence!
I think you can eyeball the carb counts of most of the foods, with some practice. I did this for years when I first went on the pump, because that was before they taught carb-counting. Just remember that you will almost certainly need either more carbs or less insulin because you will be walking quite a bit, and it will probably be warm. Due to the walking you’ll be doing, I doubt you will have to worry too much about bg spikes. Just remember to have a source of glucose with you, as always, and check often! :slight_smile: Until you go, you can practice eyeballing portion sizes and carb counts. You will surely be ready by the time you get there!
Hope you have a GREAT time!!
Katie I.

I haven’t been to Disney World, so can’t help you there, but I would say just stick to foods that you are familiar with and low fat. Sub sandwiches, salads, and I even remember being able to get some fresh fruit in Disneyland (pineapple on a stick I think). One other piece of advice I can tell you is to take off the pump before getting on any roller coasters. Both work on magnets, and the roller coaster conflicts with the pump. Whatever pump you wear, you can probably read up on this on their website.

I live in Florida and have been going to Disney all my life, but this spring was my first trip with diabetes. My roommate is from GA and had never been so we went for Spring Break. I happened to find this guide a few months before and it was a HUGE help. http://allears.net/pl/diabetes.htm
It even has a section with carb counts froma few of the more popular dishes that worked perfect for me. I also have the Calorie, Fat and Carb Counter book and was able to easily find everything else in there with very few problems. If you’re staying on site, fridges cost $10 a night, but someone on here said they told them they were diabetic and they provided it free of charge. They can also provide sharps containers on request too.
Above the carb count section is a number for a guy named Joel who works for Disney and can help a bit if you need it. I called him when we ate in China at Epcot and he was great. Seriously, this lady who wrote this guide is like the goddess of Disney with T1. You will be so set, you’ll feel like you own Disney.

Hello! Anna, I am like you are a Disneynut go at least 2 times every year. My parents are dvc members.But this November will br my first pumping in encounter at wdw and rest of theme parks.I will be celebrateing my ? birthday there. Well here are my tips for you. My first tip of the day is if you have not already get a copy of calorie king book. Did you make your wdw disney dineing reservations yet? if not the phone number is 1-407-939-3463 Well you call let them know you are a type1 diabetic and need carb counts when you get to the resturandt. They told me to check in and tell them that when i get to the podium at each dineing place. Also if its a buffet. And you just want something made they can do that and measure it for you. We need to voice are opioion so they put on menus. I already talked to wdw and calorie king about this issue.My concern is what to do with my pump while i do the dolphin encounter at epcot. I am hopeing for DREAM Squad to hold it and grant me my WISH… Well take care and i am sure you will do fine. And my all your dreams and wishes come true. diabeticidol94 email sometime love to chat:) HAVE A MAGICAL DAY

Diabeticidol, make sure when you go to the MK, you go into City Hall and let them know it’s your birthday! My roommate and I both have March birthday’s so we celebrated at Disney. They gave us birthday pins and everywhere we went people wished us happy birthday, gave us free Fastpasses, let us jump to the front of the line and one guy even made everyone sing Happy Birthday and gave us free carrot cakes. Take advantage of it!

Yeah, I really am at a loss as to why they can’t make it easy to find out how many carbs are in their foods! I’ve read on several different sites that when people ask for carb counts all they get are photocopies of product labels and not everything together like in the Calorie King or other books. I think it’s so stupid. I guess they don’t see it as a huge need otherwise I think they would have it. Which means that diabetics aren’t speaking out about it or asking enough questions about it. It’s not a disability, per say, but it sure is a hassle to deal with in the first place, so to make my trip just that much easier would make me love going there every year even more.

Thanks everybody for their comments!! They’ve definitely helped!!

Definitely check in with guest services at the park. They are very helpful and may even get you past those long lines :wink: